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by Michael Maroschak

  1. This job is fairly easy and can all be done from the top.
  2. Disconnect negative battery terminal.
  3. Remove the connector off of the coil pack and create some slack in the harness. Be careful as old plastic = brittle plastic.
  4. Clean area around sensor so that no dirt can fall in.
  5. Remove connector off of the sensor.
  6. Remove two bolts securing the sensor.
  7. Remove sensor.
  8. Spray some WD40 or equivalent on the electrical connectors for good measure.
  9. Position and insert new sensor.
  10. Tighten two bolts.
  11. Re-attach sensor and coil pack connectors.
  12. Attach negative batter terminal.
  13. Start 'er up. The ECM will have to re-learn idle!

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