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submitted by Steve Schecter

You'll need a test light (about three bucks), about six feet of 14ga wire, and an inline fuse holder with a 15 amp fuse, depending on your lights. Stock fog lights are only 18 watt so a ten amp will do also.

Undo the three screws that hold the center console in, you don't need to take off the compartment lid.

With the E-Brake on and transmission in L or 1 (auto) (engine off, please) lift the center console out, you gotta wiggle and jimmy it, be careful. Lift the rear part first, then pull the front out, there are no screws up front. Before you go pulling it out, remove the two harnesses (fog light switch and firm ride switch), some models also have a light that connects for the ash tray, remove that harness also.

Next, we need a power source, I recommend going under the steering column and tap an ignition source, that way you wont accidentally leave them on. remove three 8mm screws from the panel that's in front of your knees, gently remove that panel. Then remove four or five more and remove the metal piece. Now you'll see all the wires.

Putting the fuse in the fuse holder is the last step! Tap, don't cut, the RED/GREEN, one end of your fuse goes here the other end connect to you wire, route the wire to the fog light switch. Connect your test light wire to ground (the metal on the E-brake will work), with IGN on and headlights on, fog lights switch off find the hot wire on the harness (the fog lights harness has three wires, one hot, one switched, one ground. The hot one will make your test light, light up. When you find that wire , turn off you IGN, and cut that wire, leaving at least a few inches of wire off the switch. connect your new wire to the cut wire on the switch, tape off the other side of the cut wire, there should be no copper wire showing anywhere.

Put your fuse in, if it pops look for your new wire shorting (pinched in some metal somewhere or you cut the wrong wire). At this point everything should be fine. before you put everything together, plug the fog light harness into the switch, turn on IGN and with headlights off, see if they work. they will if you did it right. no you can put it all back together!

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