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by Rich Thomson
September 28, 1997

Interview with "Nitrous" Neal Frisbie

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of attending the last two PFCA Ford National Drags just outside Columbus, OH. Let me tell you about one individual who's need for speed is big. Neal Frisbie is what I call a true "car crafter" one that finds a new way of doing things that no one else has done. Neal Frisbie who is called by many as "Nitrous Neal " is the current SCCoA record holder for the "Fastest SC in the Quarter Mile". I met Neal last year at the Ford National Drags and I thought an interview with him would be more informative than an article would be. The interview that follows was conducted September 28, 1997.

Q: Did you buy your car new or used? When, where, and why did you buy a SC?

A: I bought my 1990 SC in 1993 used from a local dealership in Elyria, OH. It was red with black cloth interior, JBL stereo system, and had the AOD transmission. I was looking for a Mustang 5.0 when I stumbled across the SC sitting in the lot. I had read an article about the SC two months earlier and decided to take it for a test drive. I decided that day after test driving the SC that it was going to be my next car.

Q: What were some of the first modifications you made to your 1990 SC? What did you learn?

A: My first modifications were removal of the stock air box, & installation of a K&N filter. Then after a couple months I took the car back to the dealership where I bought the car and had 3.73 gears installed along with the SC Borla exhaust system installed. I then installed a B&M shift kit and an overdrive pulley myself. After having the Borla exhaust installed I will say that it helped reduce backpressure and really helped the top end speed, while the biggest seat of the pants gain was the 3.73 gear swap.

Q: In 1996 at the PFCA Ford National Drags you ran 13.0 @106 mph. What had you done to the car?


  • 73mm MAF with the 19lb tube (C&L)
  • 70mm TB with a ported inlet plenum (BBK)
  • 1994 Supercharger with S-modification (Magnuson)
  • Mild cam with 450 lift @.050, 210 duration exhaust, 197 duration intake (Competition Cams)
  • Cylinder heads with oversized valves 1.94 intake, 1.60 exhaust & mild porting
  • ARP head studs, roller rockers, O-ringed heads
  • 10% overdrive supercharger pulley

  • I had a stock bottom end, stock intercooler, stock 30lb injectors and a 190 lph fuel pump. I was also using the stock exhaust manifolds that had been mildly ported and removed the stock catalytic converts when I installed the Borla cat-back exhaust system. I had the AOD rebuilt with the wide ratio gear kit, Transgo shift kit, & a 9" 2800rpm lockup torque converter from PCI. The engine fan was wired to come on via a switch & a 180 degree thermostat was installed. I then installed a 60hp nitrous kit (dry manifold system for the SC) which installs before the TB. I was running 13.3 @102mph without nitrous and 13.0 @105 with it in the quarter mile.

    Q: Do you recommend using any nitrous on a stock block?

    A: You won't have any problems with pistons, crank, or rods but head gasket failure is a major problem with the stock heads. Oversized valves and porting are a must to run nitrous safely with a better flowing exhaust being at the top of the list.

    Q: In 1997 at the PFCA Ford National Drags you beat your 1996 run with a 12.4 @112mph. What had you done to the car?

    A: Maximized cylinder head flow using a Superflow 600 flow bench, Custom designed intercooler, SCPI headers, complete bottom end rebuild using Eagle connecting rods, and 36lbs injectors. The interesting thing I realized when testing the flow rate of the intercoolers was that the stock unit flowed 232cfm @28in water & Spearco 252cfm @28in water which prompted me to design my own intercooler from two stock units that was able to flow 360cfm @28in water on the flow bench. I added a side pocket which allowed me to use dry ice before runs and increased my air density. I am now running 12.4 @112mph with nitrous and 12.8 @109 without it in the quarter mile.

    Q: What plans do you have for next year?

    A: Retirement with current title of the "Fastest Super Coupe in America".

    If you are interested in any of the information Neal Frisbie has discussed you can reach him at (440) 366 -5979 after 6:00pm EST.

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