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  • From The Birds Nest by Bill Evanoff - A detailed report on the usage of the SCCoA Internet web site. The numbers will astound you!!

  • Super Coupe Club of the Northwest Outing by Brad Fedoruk - Rain doesn't spoil the good time the Northwest chapter has at their fall outing. Brad shares the group's activities along with numerous pictures of the cars in attendance.

  • How To Increase Your Stereo Horsepower by Kenn Bueckman - Kenn gives some excellent advise on stereo upgrades for the SC. Don't be intimidated…just follow the guidelines shown in this article for your next sound upgrade.

  • Super Couped by Rich Cunningham - Rich writes about his recent engine and transmission rebuild. It obviously came out well as the car now easily runs mid-to-high 13's at over 100 mph!

  • Comparison of the standard 3.8L water jacket and the 3.8L SC water jacket - The clubs anonymous "insider" dug up some terrific photographs of the standard 3.8L and SC 3.8L head water jackets. This cylinder head development engineer explains in detail what went into the development of the SC head and what areas were strengthened to withstand the abuse of our high output engine. Although many people cannot tell the difference externally between these heads, there is a definite internal difference. This article will also be invaluable to those looking to port their cylinder heads to avoid breaking into the water jacket.

  • MN12 to SN95 Bolt Circle Change and Brake Upgrades by Douglas Fraleigh - Doug has a late model Cobra Mustang as well as a SC and has fully researched what it takes to make his SC stop as well as his Cobra. The details of swapping wheel bolt patterns is shared along with a step by step process for changing the smallish 10.125" rear SC disc brakes over to the Cobras larger 11.65" rotors and calipers. An itemized parts list is given along with a source for some custom brackets that are necessary to mount the rear Cobra calipers.

  • Seeing Red by Bill Evanoff - Bill gives the complete history of his SC. He special ordered his '90 SC back in 1989 and shares his experiences with his car to the present. Bill shares the reasons why he decided to purchase a SC and compares the car to others available back in 1989. The numerous modifications performed are also detailed and the increases in the cars capabilities are verified as the aftermarket performance products are added.

  • SC Fog Lamps, How to rewire and add aftermarket lamps by Mark Gluss - This article shares a better way to allow use of your fog lights without having your low beam lights on. Mark also give a electrical schematic that shows to easily modify your stock fog lamp wiring harness to accept higher output aftermarket fog lamps while not overloading your harness.

  • The Super Coupe Club of the Southeast Fall Outing, by Mike Puckett - Mike shares the latest developments of this new chapter that has separated from the SC Club of the South. Due to increased membership participation, there was a need to add another chapter and get more localized events going. Anyone living in or near Alabama, Georgia, or Tennessee should get involved with this growing chapter.

  • The 35th Anniversary Package, What was included? By Bill Evanoff - The 1990 Anniversary package included a host of dealer giveaway items that are increasing becoming hard to find. These include special floor mats, a car cover, custom key blanks, key chain, pen, suede cleaning kit, and a book. Pictures of all these items are shown along with a brief description of each item. Make sure your 35th is complete with these items!

  • Carlisle 2001 special offer and show announcements. Plan to attend this show EVERY YEAR!! It's awesome!

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