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  • From The Bird's Nest, by Bill Evanoff - A new member's discount is announced. Prior Remanufacturing is offering SCCoA members a discount on their ABS remanufacturing services.

  • A review of the Top 25 Quickest/Fastest list and a comparison of how the list has improved in just the past 18 months.

  • His and Hers, by Amanda Okul and Bryan Moore - This dating couple tells how each came to own their and SCs and how they influenced each others purchase. The couple that owns two SCs together, stays together!

  • White Lightening, by Chris Lazzo - Chris's white '90 SC is simply amazing. We goes into detail about his SC's modifications. These include a roll bar, custom 17" wheels, Cervini's hood, Kooks Headers, "S" model with all the Magnum Powers goodies, and best of all…a custom front mounted intercooler! A must read!

  • How to build and install a double IC, by Mike Puckett and Rick Cunningham - Mike and Rick make it look easy to build and install your own double IC for some significant gains. Step by step instructions are given for the "do it yourselfer".

  • Mass Air Meter & Fuel System Considerations on an SC, by "Dr." Fred Holzhauer - The Dr. is in and is prescribing the necessary ingredients for your SCs fuel and air intake system. Calibrating a MAFS is explained, EEC tuners, volumetric efficiencies, fuel system safety factors, adjustable fuel pressure regulators, and fuel injector and fuel pump flow rates are discussed in detail. After reading this article you'll either be an expert or very confused. Dr. Fred makes it easy to understand though so this article is a must read too!

  • One Bad SC, by Kelly and Faye Simons - This pearl white and orange SC is too awesome for words. The build process is explained and all the choice bolt ons are mentioned that went into making this '92 one truly Bad SC.

  • 2001 MN12 Nationals Pictures and write up.

  • Carlisle 2002 All Ford Nationals early signup information is included for those early planners.

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