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40 Pages
  • Inside Cover – Several pictures of SC & XR7 cop cars in front of FoMoCo buildings in Dearborn, MI.

  • From The Birds Nest by Bill Evanoff – Y2K fun regarding the SC, SC affordability, CT Improvements discussed, 350 HP Kit updated with corrected dyno HP and Torque figures, Carlisle 2000 Discount Offer explained, SCCoA Cartoon T-shirts offered, Custom Embroidered Thunderbird and Cougar shirts offered, SIA Electronics discount program explained, much more.

  • SC Cop Car Photo Article and special offer to receive pictures – 12 SC & XR7 Cop Car photos are available.

  • SCCOO Club Outing Report by Charles Markman – The Ontario chapter goes drag racing.

  • Midwest SCCoA Outing Report by Charles Markman – The Midwest chapter also went drag racing.

  • B&M Ripper Shifter News Release, forwarded by Scott Shockley – The Ripper shifter explained in a full company news release.

  • New Mexico Chapter's Historic Route 66 Meet, by Kurt Sunday and Major Glenn Huber – This 5-page report from their Wild, Wild West cruise is a MUST read. This chapter and their escapades are not for the faint of heart. These guys/gals know how to drive fast and hard!

  • Super Coupe Performance Inc. Update, by Bill Hull – Hull updates us on his new company and some new parts. He also explains the SCPI/SCCoA members 5% discount program.

  • BLCKBIRD Buildup, by Ken Seegers – This feature about Ken’s sweet-looking black SC covers all his modifications and the rebuild of his head gaskets, AOD transmission, and his high-flowing cylinder heads.

  • My Quest for the 13’s (Part II), by Joe Santillo – Joe updates us on his latest purchases and their effect upon his goal of running 13’s with this SC. Find out what works and what doesn’t from someone documenting his modifications with time slips!

  • So You Blew Your Head Gasket, Huh?, by Mike Puckett – Mike tells the tale of his head gasket troubled SC. Find out what he did wrong and what he did correctly to get his SC running strong and reliably. He also updates us on his numerous modifications and their effect.

  • ’89 to ’92 SC ABS System, by Mark (Duffy) Floyd – A MUST HAVE ARTICLE FOR ANY EARLY SC OWNER! This 14-page article takes a deep technical dive into the complicated Teves II ABS system. Find out how to properly diagnose and fix those ABS issues yourself. Also a discount program with SIA Electronics (a ABS remanufacturing source) is explained to save you mucho $$.

  • Super Coupe Heaven, by Jimmy White – Jimmy tells us how he came to own two great SC’s and explains his modifications in great detail. He also backs up his modifications with time slips dipping into the high 13’s of what worked and what didn’t on his ’94 and ’95 SC’s.

  • Back Cover – More SC and XR7 Cop Car pictures along with a Turbo Coupe Cop Car and a Lincoln Cop Car.

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