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  • Inside cover – Several pictures of a Ford display engine and a disassembled Eaton M90 supercharger

  • From the Birds Nest, by Bill Evanoff – An editorial on changing all the vital fluids within the SC and minimum change intervals provided. A chart relating the water content of brake fluid to its boiling point is provided. The point here is: Change your brake fluid EVERY TWO YEARS! A schedule of the upcoming summer 2000 shows are given along with a new SCCoA offer on ABS accumulators. You Can’t Beat This Deal!

  • World Ford Challenge 2000 – A pictorial of the events that took place at this fantastic spring show.

  • Spring Midwest Chapter Outing in Cincinnati Ohio, by Bill Evanoff – A write-up of the days activities of this SCCoA chapter outing. Fifteen SCs were present.

  • Tulsa Gets Boost, by Kurt Sunday – A detailed write-up of the activities of the craziest SCCoA chapter out there. These guys continue their wild ways with a weekend visit to Tulsa International Raceway for some SC quarter mile action.

  • SCPI Header Installation How-To, by Bill Evanoff – This is a MUST READ article for anyone planning to do this job on their own. I guarantee it will save you a ton of time and most likely save some skin on your knuckles. YOU CAN DO THIS JOB YOURSELF, if you know the tricks and time saving tips provided in this eight page article!

  • The Ultimate Daily Driver, by Charles Markman – Charles gives us the details of all the mods he has done to his ’92 in this feature article. Things no one else has done gives Charles car an edge over the competition and he has future plans to drive his SC in a "One Lap of America" competition. Big brakes, plenty of ingenious go-fast bolt-ons, and a dialed in suspension make his car one of the best True Street SCs on the road.

  • The Tale of Two Birds, by Mark Sayers – After owning a 1990 35th Anniversary SC for a short time in the mid '90s, Mark became hooked on Super Coupes. He vowed to get another and was eventually rewarded with his current ride, a beautiful black ’89. A true Ford enthusiast, Mark tells us the history of his love affair with his Super Coupes.

  • MAFS Explained, by Randy Crocker – Are you confused about all the mass air flow sensor options available for the SC? If so, Randy simplifies this topic and also explains the theory behind how the sampling tubes work on the C&L sensors. If you are considering purchasing a C&L, educate yourself first on this fine offering from C&L.

  • My Quest for the 13’s (Part 3), by Joe Santillo – This series continues as Joe discusses his latest mods and also explains the theory behind a few he has planned for the future. A lengthy discussion on Intercooler theory and spark/fuel relationships is provided as food for thought. Joe has also visited a chassis dyno and the rear wheel HP and Torque results are given in graph form.

  • Steering the Way (Leather wrapped steering wheel from Ford Racing Performance Parts for your MN12, by Scott Shockley – Scott walks us through a "how-to" on transplanting this great new steering wheel into his '94 SC. This wheel easily bolts into any '94/95 SC and with Scott's article you'll know all the parts needed to do it right the first time quickly and safely…Watch out for that air bag!

  • The SC Motor - From Sea Level to Mile High, by Fred Holzhauer – Elevation has a major effect on vehicle performance and Fred offers a look at what some of the differences are between a car functioning at sea level vs. mile high. Fred lives in Colorado, so he this is something he is dealing with during the high performance build up of his SC. You’ll be surprised what you learn in this article.

  • Used car humor and several pictures of a rolled (but still driveable) SC on the back cover.

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