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  • From The Birds Nest, by Bill Evanoff - A review of the upcoming summer shows and other current SCCoA news.

  • Florida Mini-meet/Track Day, by Brad Klein - 14 Bird lovers gather together at Orlando Speedway for some fun at the track. Great event coverage!

  • Super Coupe Audio Systems, by Jim Mudrick - Jim is a Ford radio repair expert and he walks us through all the popular "defects" that are cropping up as our standard and JBL head units begin to fail with age. Some are easily repairable, while others deem you scrap the unit. Find out what goes wrong with your SC audio system and how to fix it with this article.

  • What Savings Account??, by Kurt Sunday - Kurt took an ailing red '92 SC from a beater to a beauty. This feature is a real testament to the love that most owners have for their car…and Kurt loves his SC!

  • Super Coupe Fever, by Ken Frazier - As the original owner of his SC, Ken tells his tale of how he became a passionate SC owner. He now has three SCs in his stable, including a '90 Anniversary model he is restoring.

  • Optimizing Your Cooling System, by Vernon Cradier - This ten-page article details all the "cool" ideas for improving your hot running 3.8L SC engine. There is simply too much info. here to list!!

  • Super Dave's Custom Illuminated Ride, by Dave McGlaughlin - Dave shares many of his one-of-a-kind custom ideas on how he has made his SC unique from the crowd. The pictures tell the story!

  • My '89 Blackbird, by Jeff Bratton - Jeff shares with us how he has improved and nurtured his SC over the past few years. Another proud owner lavishing his car with TLC.

  • Synchronizer Replacement in the M5R2, Part 1, by Mike Puckett - Mike walks through his recent M5R2 rebuild. Numerous pictures and his attention to detail allow Mike to make it look easy.

  • My Three Birds, by James Pearce - His love for the SC started back in '89 when he bought a new one. Now James owns a choicely modified '94 SC. The whole family enjoys SCs too, as his son also owns a '93.

  • World Ford Challenge 2001 Event Coverage….Lots of pictures of the fun and action!!

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