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  • From the Bird's Nest, by Bill Evanoff - Bill relays a story about a SC that has been driven over 530,000 miles! The '02 Carlisle All Ford Nationals is discussed. What a show! Everyone is invited to the MN12 Nationals is Elkhart, Indiana.

  • Guest Editorial, by John Kendall - Why would Ford Motor Company choose to shoot itself in the foot with the '02 Thunderbird?

  • All Ford Round-Up, by Joe Baldazzi - Joe invites everyone to a terrific local show in Wisconsin and recaps the previous years show with a write up and pictures.

  • Griffin Radiator Installation How-To, by Bill Evanoff - The all Aluminum Griffin radiator is a terrific cooling system upgrade and this article walks everyone through the steps to perform this job.

  • Bird # Three, by Jim Pearce - Jim is among a growing trend of SC enthusiasts that just can't stop and one Super Coupe. Jim's third SC is a beautiful '94 automatic that he has really decked out. His numerous upgrades are explained and he is enjoying the car to its fullest.

  • Carlisle 2002 Recap. Numerous pictures show the action and what it looks like to have over 80 SCs present in one spot. It was awesome!

  • DIS 101, by Eben Farley - Have you ever wondered how the 3.8L SC motors ignition system worked? Well wonder no more. This 10-page article takes a technical deep dive on the Ford Distributorless Ignition System. It's a MUST READ for anyone trying to understand, diagnose or troubleshoot and ignition problem. A DIS Tester will also be available shortly through Eben.

  • 2002 MN12 Nationals, by Rob Whitt - The details for this upcoming show are given by Rob and it will surely be something to attend.

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