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  • Outside Cover: 1989 Motor Trend Car of the Year Artwork
    Back Cover: Artist’s sketch of a prototype ’89 Thunderbird
    This artwork is compliments of Pat DiPersia

  • Inside front cover: Three photographs of Arizona Highway Patrol Super Coupes and a Turbo Coupe with a SC engine. These photos are compliments of Mark Hasenyager

  • From The Birds Nest, by Bill Evanoff: Helpful hints and warnings about running non-premium fuel in your SC. How to find your "octane" spout/plug. A review of the Top 25 Fastest SC list. A review of the Spring 2000 car shows the SCCoA will be attending. New Midwest chapter coordinators. Letting Ford know about head gasket failures. Chargin’ Thunder back issues. New club window stickers.

  • The Ladies’ Corner (The value of hobbies), by Patty Evanoff: Patty discusses the benefits of having a SC/XR7 as your hobby vehicle. Any SC/XR7 nut should show their spouse this article before buying one to show the hidden benefits of supercharged ownership.

  • SC Club of the Mid-Atlantic Region Report, by Pat DiPersia: Pat shares what’s new and what is on the ticket for year 2000 members of this active chapter.

  • Florida Mini-Meet, by Brad Klein: Despite the snow falling up north, the Florida guys are in their shorts during their January meet. Brad shares the excitement of their outing and four photos are included showing the great turnout.

  • Motor Oil 101, by Michael Taliercio: This in-depth four page article by the owner and president of an oil change company offers the novice and seasoned expert a unique look at this often discussed topic. A MUST read!

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Using Nitrous Oxide, by Wayne Ing: Wayne shares his years of nitrous experience with members in this five-page article. Virtually every "How", "Why", "What", "Where" (and more) question you would ever have is answered in-depth. Wayne spells out exactly what is needed to make your SC run trouble free while being feed this addictive gas. He shares what must be beefed up and upgraded in order to insure a successful application. He also shares what type of quarter mile improvements can be expected with different nozzle sizes. Another MUST read for anyone considering this cheap and HIGHLY effective modification.

  • Rear End Gear Changes (The Best Bang for the Buck), by Rick Cunningham: Rick walks us through the modifications he performed on his 5-speed and AOD equipped Super Coupes. Each vehicle has received new rear gears and he performed the swaps himself. He shares his personal experience with this modification in a how-to type format.

  • Solid Rubber Engine Mount Install Procedure for 3.8L SCs, by Christopher M. Iarocci: This 13 step how-to walks you through this sometimes difficult procedure. Christopher is a mechanic who has performed this install on numerous SCs/XR7s and he shares his shortcuts and tricks for a successful installation.

  • Injector Swap, by Charles Markman: Charles shares another how-to on changing your fuel injectors. He goes into extreme detail which no shop manual can match.

  • SC-YA in Tulsa 2000, by Glenn Huber: The Super Coupe Club of the SouthWest is hosting a SC meet on April 7 – 9, 2000 in Tulsa OK. Glenn offers a first class invitation and shares what is planned.

  • Bitten by the Bug, by Pat DiPersia: Pat shares his summer outing at Pocono raceway with a group of Mazda Miata Club members. Pat obviously ate a lotta’ Miata during his weekend adventure. If your planning a road racing outing yourself, be sure to read Pats write-up before you attend.

  • My Love Affair with my Super Coupe, by Clifford Jolley Jr.: Clifford’s mistress is his SC. His wife knows it, and thankfully accepts it. This Ford Motor Company dyno Engineer shares how he came to own a SC and walks us step-by-step through his choice modifications. Clifford has dynoed his car after each mod. and he shares what works and what can be expected with each mod.

  • Mustang Bolt Pattern Changeover – 13" Cobra Brake Installation, by George Davenport: Have you ever wished your car stopped on a dime. George has, and he walks us through a how-to on what is necessary to install the 13" Cobra brakes onto a Super Coupe. Surprisingly, it isn’t too involved to perform this swap and a detailed parts list is include with exactly what the purchase items are.

  • My Wedding Day, by Geoff Strang: Geoff shares what happened on his wedding day. Typically one doesn’t attend a drag strip after you get married, but Geoff did and he explains all the fun and quarter mile action. He gets the girl AND the car of his dreams!

  • So You Want To Go Racing, huh?, by Mike Puckett: NASCAR racing from your desktop. Mike shares the fun he has with computer racing simulators.

  • Lincoln Technical Information Exchange, by Paul Cornell: Paul is the editor of the TIX newsletters and shares with everyone what has been happening in his life since the TIX newsletters stopped a few years ago and shares his new passion for finding the ultimate 4-door performance sedan. Will it be new Lincoln?

  • Multiple and Simple Regression Analysis for 3.8L SC/XR7s, by Ron DiPaola: This was a MBA project for Ron and he shares with everyone the relationship between time and MPH variables and ¼ time. This analysis can be used by anyone to make accurate estimates on what their supercharged car will run.

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