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  • From the Bird's Nest, by Bill Evanoff - The 35th Anniversary Registry is back again and stronger than ever. Lance Morgan of Edmond, OK is the new contact person at "". Brad Fedoruk is coordinating the SC club of Western Canada. Contact this organization at "". Member suggestions for the upcoming year are discussed.

  • One Thing Leads to Another, by Rick Zilonka - Rick walks us through his ownership story and also all the great bolt ons that he has added over the years to his '90 SC. He does state that he is just getting started on these although, because one thing leads to another, which leads to another… and so on.

  • Hot Philly SC, by Bill Hastings - This SC enthusiast had to sell his first SC but he is back again for round two with an even better one this time. Bill states that his credit card is on nuclear meltdown because of the love for his SC but all the great changes he has make have definitely been worth it. He's addicted!

  • Wounded Bird, by Mike Duralia - What would you do if a drunk wrecked your mint SC? Well, Mike tells what he did in this situation and thankfully the car is better than ever and on the road again. He relays some excellent insurance advice for all SC owners.

  • Big Red '91 SC, by Frank Burrell - Frank tells a great story how his SC has actually made his life much better these days. It attracted a beautiful woman who became his wife and life is great! Some great pictures of Frank's SC on the high banks of Bristol Motor Speedway accompany the article.

  • A '91 SC Like No Other, by John Temple - This seasoned hot rodder couldn't leave his SC stock for long. To get to the point, John's SC is wearing 21" wide MT tires within it's tubed rear end and its making way over 350 HP with many terrific bolt ons. You have to see all the great pictures and read this story!

  • One Lap of America SC, by Ted Lyons - Would you like a SC making 454 HP and 460 Ft-LB of torque AT THE REAR WHEELS? Of course! Ted tells the story of his Vortec supercharged V8 SC that he has very successfully run in the One Lap Of America race. This is the ULTIMATE SC for those who can don't mind an engine swap.

  • A younger Perspective on SCs, by Tom Loreto - Tom is one of our younger members and tells how much he has grown to love and respect his SC. He is hooked and lovin' every minute in his '90th Anniversary SC.

  • How to Replace Your Door Hinges, by Tony Serno - Tony tells us how he replaced the worn upper and lower hinges on a '95 5-speed SC he is restoring. Once you know the tricks and what to expect this job is much easier. With all the older cars out there this article will be a real help when your doors are sagging beyond the point where the door no longer latches.
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