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40 pages
  • Cover – Super Coupes take over the Super 8 parking lot

  • Inside cover – Cutaway SC engine photos

  • From the Birds Nest – By Bill Evanoff: A "National" SC meet is proposed. Super Coupe Performance has a new owner. High octane fuel source recommendations. An update on the SCCoA club vehicle stickers and logo T-shirts.

  • Fun Ford Weekend 2000 in Atlanta – By Mike Puckett: Mike details the activities of this great weekend of bracket racing. He and others had a terrific time and invite everyone to the this outing in 2001!

  • Head Gaskets, The Little Known Facts – By Steve Webb: This article explains everything you may have EVER wondered about head gaskets. What are they? What do they do? Why do they fail? What to do to prevent them from failing. How to repair a head gasket failure PROPERLY! This article also explains in detail that the SC engine is not overly prone to head gasket issues compared to many other engines. BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, VW, Honda, Toyota, Volvo, name it. ALL these manufacturers have head gasket issues!

  • Carlisle 2000 – By Pat DiPersia: What a weekend! Pat recreates the excitement of this unbelievable outing. There are eight pages of pictures and text showing the activities at this years Carlisle show. Believe me, you DON’T want to miss another year. Let’s make 2001 the year that we have over 100 SCs/XR7s at Carlisle!

  • To SC or not two SC? – By Andy Erickson: Andy joins the proud group of SC owners that actually have two or more SCs in their garage. He tells how he slowly got into Tbirds, then tells how his love affair totally went wild. One of his Birds even has a Coy Miller Racing engine in it!

    4.3L Stroker SC V6 – How Far Can the Eaton M90 Go?? – By Fred Holzhauer: Our own Dr. SC explains the logic behind his latest creation…a bored and stroked SC engine. At 4.3 liters, Fred’s new engine is likely one of the highest output SC engines ever created. How does 472 HP sound???!!

  • SC Torque Convertor Selection – By Fred Holzhauer: Dr. Fred again pulls out the charts and graphs to help any AOD or 4R70W owner select the best torque convertor for their application. Fred makes it simple with a step by step process for picking the perfect one for you.

  • SC Crazy in Nebraska – By Keith and Pat Pirnie: This husband and wife team couldn’t decide what new car they wanted when it came time to trade in their SC. What did they do? Why they went out and bought slightly newer SC and fixed up the older one! Now they have twin SCs with the license plates “MOMS SC” and “DADS SC”. Everyone needs to see the picture of their SCs up their custom car rack. Their garage is simply fantastic!

  • Red Birds, Red Ponies and Just Plain Red Fords – By Elly Tupper: I met Elly at the Carlisle show this June and just knew she had a great story to tell. Her car collection is simply fantastic. She tells us about her three Tbirds (including a ’95 SC), three Mustangs (including a mint ’69 Mach 1 with a 428 CJ engine), and her two larger convertibles. They are all Fords, and they are all RED! A great story!

  • Raised and Enlarged Supercharger Top Comparison Review – By Bill Evanoff: A bit of history regarding SC tops is told along with a comparison between the Tbird Tim, Embree, and Super Coupe Performance supercharger tops. Price, throat opening size, and appearance are judged. Anyone looking to buy a top should first read this article to become an educated consumer. The results found show that all supercharger tops are not created equally and the old saying continues to hold true…”You get what you pay for”.

  • Magnum Powers Inlet Review – By Bill Evanoff: The new Magnum Powers inlet and throttle body are mounted to a car with “340 Horsepower Kit” type bolt-ons to see what this “Big Dog” will do. The test vehicle is chassis dynoed before and after the parts are installed and the indisputable results shown. This bad boy really performs! Does a 22 HP and 23 ft-lb of TORK improvement at the REAR WHEELS sound good to you? Then look into buying this great new inlet plenum.

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