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  • From The Birds Nest, by Bill Evanoff - National MN12 Event statistics and a few idea starters for the 2002 event. Prior Remanufacturing is identified as another source for ABS repair. Pricing is excellent!!

  • ABS Repair, by Mike Duralia - Mike walks us through his experience with Prior Remanufacturing Inc. Prior was able to repair Mike's ABS unit inexpensively to get his car back on the road quickly.

  • Delayed Gratification, by Mike Maroschak - Mike shares the intimate details of all his mods, including a special write up on his high output headlight system. This clean Canadian '90 SC has been well preserved!!

  • 13" Brake Upgrade, by Tony Serno - Tony has upgraded his '94 with some massive 4-piston calipers from AP Racing. The stopping power is awesome, as are all the details given for the changeover.

  • Synchronizer Replacement in the M5R2, Part 2, by Mike Puckett - Mike finalizes his M5R2 rebuild article. Numerous pictures and his attention to detail allow Mike to make it look easy.

  • Nice Car, by Brock Banks - This gorgeous white Cougar XR7 was destined for Brock's garage. How he came about ownership is a great story, as are the improvements he has made over the years.

  • California SC, by Jim Demmitt - A 13.0-second ET is something to be proud of and Jim Demmitt certainly is! With a stock lower end, Jim's car is amazingly fast. Will he jump into the 12's in the future with a new motor? Stay tuned SC speed freaks!

  • Carlisle All Ford Nationals Event Coverage - Tons of great pictures, along with an event write up. You MUST go to the 2002 show!!! Expect to see over 100 SCs and XR7s there!!!

  • My '95 Super Coupe, by Bruce Longwell (SCCoA Member #10) - Bruce's unbelievable black '95 has less than 10,000 miles on it, yet is modified to win every show it attends. Attention to detail and a keen eye for great looks makes this SC a keeper!

  • Easy Rod Bolt-On, by Bob Hess - Ever wanted your Tbird to look like a '49 Ford? Now you can easily get that classic car look with a bolt-on kit from a shop in New Jersey. You have to see the pictures to believe this.

  • The #1 35th Anniversary SC, by Luke Ober - Who owns the very first 1990 Anniversary SC ever made? Why, Luke Ober does, and he can prove it! The first example of these awesome cars is being well preserved, yet enjoyed by Luke. His many show trophies prove it.

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