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40 pages
  • From the Birds Nest by Bill Evanoff – Explains new leadership of the SCCoA, More 350 HP Kit info. and more.
  • The Ladies Corner (Under the Canopy) by Patty Evanoff – A ladies viewpoint on going to SCCoA outings.
  • California Mini-Meet report By Bill Evanoff – Written from comments and information provided by John Zinn
  • Report on the Columbus Ohio Expo. ’99.
  • A Tale of Two Super Coupes by Michael Taliercio – How one SC enthusiasts came across the deal of a lifetime on his second SC….a blue ’94 for $4700.
  • Member letters – From Jonathan Palmer and Kurt Sunday
  • Love at First Sight by Doug Williams – Doug details his improvements an why he loves going to SCCoA outings.
  • What About Those Anniversary Seats? By Chuck Carrol – A detailed description of the materials needed to refinish your leather/suede anniversary seats to like-new condition and also a trim shop is recommended which has successfully done this rebuild.
  • My Quest for the 13’s by Joe Santillo – Phase 1 of an ongoing article about modifying your car to run 13’s on the track.
  • Computer Code Reading the Paperclip Way by Matt Boggs – An extremely detailed look at reading EEC engine codes. How to access them WITHOUT buying an expensive code reader, what they mean, and how to interpret them. A list of all error codes is provided for every model year SC. This article is A MUST HAVE for any SC owner struggling to fix their SC.
  • XR3.8iSC by David Godfrey – A detailed look at what it takes to install a SC motor into a Merkur XR4Ti.
  • AC Conversion by Marc Zimmerman – A comprehensive article about what steps are necessary to retrofit your SC with R134 refrigerant.
  • Replacing the Supercharger Nose Cone by Mike Puckett – Mike walks us through the step necessary to perform this maintenance procedure.
  • Snake Oil! – A look at oil additives and how to understand the hype surrounding these magical potions advertisers push upon the motoring public.
  • Transmission Math For T-Bird SC’s by Fred Holzhauer – Fred gives the formulas needed to accurately calculate your top speed capabilities with different gear ratios, transmissions, and tire sizes.
  • The TOP 25 Fastest SC List – A look at the list and comments about quarter mile performance.
  • Fast Car Comparison Chart – Know Your Competition by Charles Markman – A list of almost 100 similar cars and their performance figures so you can compare the SC to the competition. This list covers cars back to the 1982 model year.

**I wish to acknowledge a mistake I made in the September issue of the Chargin’ Thunder magazine. In the California Mini-Meet article on page 5 I should have said, "The information in this article was provided by Mr. John Zinn" instead of written by John Zinn. In fact, it was me who actually wrote the article using the information John gave me.

I sincerely apology to Mr. Zinn and I thank him for showing me that I need to be more careful about not making these kind of errors in the future.

Bill Evanoff

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