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The Super Coupe Club of America (SCCoA) was started in March of 1996 by Bill Hull of Charlottesville, Virginia. Hull managed the club from its inception until September of 1999 when he asked if Bill and wife Patty Evanoff to assume the leadership role. Hull and Evanoff had already been working closely on the club for quite some time and Evanoff had been editing the club newsletter, Chargin' Thunder, for over a year. Now at the start of 2003, I have been tapped to serve as interim coordinator. My main task is to setup a new structure for the club to allow more leadership by the membership. I hope we can accomplish this in the first half of 2003!

The SCCoA is under going some changes in 2003. New dues, club structure and joining information will be available later in the year. For more up to date information on club restructuring go to our bulletin board at

Our club motto is "Dedicated to the Preservation and Performance of the Thunderbird Super Coupe, 1989 - 1995 and the '89/90 supercharged Cougar XR7". Our members are a diverse group. They range from grandmothers in their 80s to hot footed 16 year-olds who just received their license to drive. Blue and white-collar professionals from every walk of life, house wives, students, and numerous Ford Motor Company engineers grace our membership list.

The Thunderbird SC was a highly sophisticated and technologically advanced car when it was offered in 1989. It was the first mass-produced supercharged car and offered anti-lock brakes, sequential fuel injection, an intercooler, an electronically controlled suspension, and drop-dead gorgeous styling. All these features combined together with an affordable price were unheard of in 1989. I believe Ford's lack of advertising for the SC and the public's fear of technology is what kept the SC from becoming an instant hit. The Super Coupe does appear to be a intimidating car to work on yourself at first glance and that has likely discouraged many from buying a new (when they were still available from your dealer) or used one. By joining the SCCoA you would be taking the first steps toward fully understanding your car and becoming comfortable tackling minor and major maintenance items yourself. If you are not a "Do-it-yourself" type person, then at least a mechanic won't bamboozle you when you have your SC worked on. The 3.8L V6 appears extremely complicated, but it is still like any other Ford 3.8L. Yes, there are six spark plugs down there underneath all that intercooler tubing, AC plumbing, and maze of wiring harnesses. It's really no big deal to work on and understand your SC after you become familiar with it and browsing our bulletin boards will help you immensely.

George Davenport
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