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Who do I contact with my questions?

  • For TECH QUESTIONS submit them to the SCCoA Technical Forums. This is your Number #1 resource for getting answers to any SC/XR7 related question. You are also welcome to browse our website FAQs and use the forumís "search" function to find answers to your questions. If you do not currently have a forum ID, one can be assigned quickly by clicking on the "register" button at the top of the forums page. You do not have to be a paying SCCoA member to enjoy the public areas of the forums.

    Please DO NOT email tech questions or requests to make posts on your behalf to our email address. Due to the large volume of email that we receive every day, we regret that we are not able to answer individual tech questions or make posts on your behalf. Follow the instructions listed above to get your own ID for posting in our forums and join in on the fun with other SC/XR7 owners!

  • For questions/comments about anything on the SCCoA web site:

    Contact us via email at:

  • For issues related to logging into or posting on the forum:

    Contact us via email at:

  • For questions about SCCoA membership:

    Contact us via email at:


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