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June 4-6, 1999
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Largest Turnout of SCs EVER!
Carlisle 1999

By Bill Evanoff -

Kurt Sunday from the great state of New Mexico typifies the type of enthusiastic person who attends the Carlisle All-Ford Nationals every year. Kurt had read my past reports on this outing and decided he didn't want to miss another year despite the fact he lives A LONG way from Pennsylvania. He came for all three days this year and in his words he proclaims, "I'll be back?!" I've said it before, and as Kurt found out, the show is NOT TO BE MISSED. If it is at all feasible for you to attend, begin thinking about going to next years show.

This year there was a record 43 Super Coupes present and we easily over ran our allotted parking, so we had SCs parked in between the rows and on both sides of our aisle. It was a truly awesome sight to see that many SCs in one spot.

The show winners for the 1989 to 1990 class were:

  • 1st place - Bill Evanoff
  • 2nd place - David Glista
  • 3rd place - Mark Sayers

The winners in the 1991 to 1995 class were:
  • 1st place - Brad Klein
  • 2nd place - John Palmer
  • 3rd place - Richard Sigethy

How they split up the classes is a little mystery to me. I can only assume that they know that there were certainly a lot of 1989 and 1990 SCs produced and then the volumes tapered off for the 1991 to 1995 model years. So the number of cars in each class turned out to be fairly equal. It actually worked out well, but some people thought the 1994/1995 cars should be separated which would have only been a class of about eight cars.

Our group was tight knit and we all went out to supper on Friday and Saturday evenings. Friday we practically filled the private back room of a local steak house and on Saturday we went out to a casual family-style place where we took up about 1/3 of all the tables available. After supper each evening our group filled the parking lot of the Super 8 Motel and we all talked about SCs until past midnight. Our president Mr. Bill Hull even supervised the activities this year, but kept his near perfect record of attendance each year at Carlisle WITHOUT either one of his two Super Coupes.

Numerous SC owners took advantage this year of the chassis dyno that was present again at the show. I believe four or five were flogged on the dyno with rear wheel horsepower and torque numbers ranging from 210 hp/335 torque on Mark Sayers' remarkably bone-stock 1989 SC with 138K on it, to 263 hp/345 torque for my own car which has numerous bolt-on items. Everyone was flabbergasted at Sayers' figures because of its completely stock condition and the number of miles on it. All I can figure is Mark got a "Good One"? from the factory. I've seen several other stock SCs which only put out approximately 190 hp at the rear wheels.

I was extremely happy with my own figures as this would put my car's hp/torque figures "at the engine" at approximately 310 and 407. This is using an 18% correction factor for losses through a manual transmission, which is what Steve from DynoJet said is the universally agreed upon factor. My SC wears a license plate that reads 'XS TORK', so now I can jokingly feel comfortable with the fact that my Super Coupe is in fact putting out some serious 'Excess Torque?!

The weekend wrapped up on Sunday, but not before Kurt Sunday got the bug to bolt on some HORSEPOWER for his long ride home. He had asked me on Saturday if I would help him put on a new cast SCCoA raised/enlarged supercharger top and I said, "Oh, that's so easy, why not wait until you get home??" Well Kurt couldn't wait and he approached me on Sunday with a request to borrow a few tools. I knew immediately what he was up to and I grabbed my tool box and we both went over to perform surgery on his car. The word quickly spread, and Bob Moore and Dick Adams offered to help also. Bill Hull also joined in as the "Supervisin' Boss" and between the five of us, we had Kurt's new Big Dog Top installed in approximately 35 minutes. That was really with only one person working on the car at any one time, but it just goes to show you how quick and easy it is to perform this modification.

Those attending were:

Bill Hull
Joe Santillo
Al Bailey
Keith King
Barry Kulan
Dick Adams
Traci Kuhn
Bill Schlabach
Sarah Baldazzi
Ron Wiemer
Jeff Teats
John Palmer
Marisa Burns
Duffy Floyd
Art Dunlap
Rich Thomson
Pat DiPersia
Georgette Reid
Wayne Ing
Kurt Kreisz
Sherry Christensen
Richard Sigethy
Paul Stoll
Paul Keats
Judy Adams
Bill Ball
Ernest Posey
Joseph Kupiszewski
Mike Maroschak
Brad Klein
Chuck Carroll
Kurt Sunday
Bob Moore/son Bob
Mark Sayers
Alan Macrae
Nicky Thomson
Mike Filby
Lisa Leatherly
Rick Hubbs
Michele Morgan
Kelly Meeker
Carol Stoll
Derek Holland
Dave Glista
Joe Baldazzi
Jason Renze
Lisa Maroschak
Andrew Mulligan
Kit Duty Ron DiPaola
Ken Seegers
Teresa Sayers
Amy Macrae Rojer Kraft
Mike Jones
Tom Roney
Bill Evanoff

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