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Carlisle, Pennsylvania

by Rich Thomson
photography by the author

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30 Super Coupes join the SCCoA on the show field at Carlisle June 6-8, 1997

Friday June 6th was an excellent day with 20 Super Coupes arriving on the show field. With the threat of rain on Saturday and Sunday no one was sure how the turnout was going to be. Many of the club members came to Carlisle from places like New England, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio to descend on what would be the largest gathering of SC's in one location ever! The SCCoA had more cars in a single class ('89-'95 SC stock/modified) than any other single model class at the show. Although, there were other car clubs that had more members attending the show the SCCoA had a very strong showing.

Friday night's dinner at Hoss' Restaurant in Carlisle gave us all a chance to sit down and get to know each other while filling up our tanks. AlotManycussions were about the trip down or each others car and what modifications they had done. After dinner many of the members went to check-in at their motels and later joined us for some serious picnic table discussions until midnight.

Saturday, a cold and drizzly morning started us off, but word was that the rain was staying south. Arriving at the show with blood shot eyes and a cup of coffee in hand the task of washing and drying the cars began. By 3:00 p.m. 30 cars had arrived and we had out grown our show field space, but with some help from member Lisa Leathery who happens to be the Carlisle Productions show director, we expanded to accommodate all the SC's. The question on almost everyone's mind was what go-fast-goodies do other members have on their cars.

Bill Hull (President) had to come to the show again this year without his '91 SC because it was in the Coy Miller shop getting a new 500 hp engine built for it. Bill is gunning for the title "Fastest SC in the 1/4 mile". After last year's 13 second flat run by Neil Frisbie, Bill has been looking to get back on top. Bill brought to the show some of the engine components that Coy Miller is putting into his motor. "Heads and cam are the secret to building a 500 hp race motor", quoted Bill all weekend long . The first dyno test should be done later this month so keep checking the SCCoA web site.

Later that evening we all went to Lone Star in Harrisburg, PA for dinner (thanks for the reservations Brian Bogovic, '90 XR7). We had about 40 people eating at Lone Star with about 20 SC's in the parking lot, Can someone say, "AWSAWESOMEght!!" Well things didn't start heating up until after dinner when everyone went out to get into their cars. Someone started smoking their tires and soon several people turned the strip mall parking lot into something that resembled the last day of school your senior year with your dad's SC. A night that anyone who was there will not forget, and you haven't heard anything until you hear 20 SC's winding up their blowers (with SCCoA modified tops of course). A massive display of TORQUE!!

Sunday, the sun came back out and when we arrived the show field winners had been posted. First place went to Michelle Morgan, PA, second place went to Tom Wilhelm, OH, and third place went to Keith Bauer, PA. Sunday, provided us all a chance to ask that member a final question ,or to walk around the swap meet area and get some Sunday bargains. Whatever you did on your final day no one will ever forget the largest SC gathering ever, and a very special thanks to Bill Hull.

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