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Carlisle, Pennsylvania

A Strong Turnout Makes Carlisle a Big SCCoA Success

by Bill Evanoff -
photography by Ron DiPaola

The Carlisle All-Ford Nationals has to be one of the finest car shows of the year East of the Mississippi for a Supercoupe or Ford loving car enthusiast. I have attended twice now and came away very impressed both times. The show is well run, the entry fee is inexpensive, the facilities are excellent, the quality of the cars in the show are top notch, the hotels in the area are reasonable, and the small Pennsylvania town welcomes visitors cordially.

This years event took place on June 5, 6, & 7th. The weather was superb on Friday and Saturday, but a little rain dampened things a bit during the award ceremonies late on Sunday afternoon. The SCCoA had a strong turn out with over thirty SCs present on Saturday and likely over forty different SCs present during the three-day event. I don’t think I’ve seen that many Supercoupes in one spot since I drove by the Lorain, Ohio Assembly plant back in 1989 when I was considering buying my car and saw literally hundreds of them lined up prior to shipment to dealers inside the fenced off staging area. At Carlisle, the sight was similar but better because now many of these cars had been modified to the taste of the owner and therefore seemed less alike and sterile.

The show has a MAJOR swap meet area. If you’re looking for something for your old Ford, then you will likely find it here. As usual, there was little to be had for a late model SC owner, but it is interesting to roam about the hundreds of booths that sell every thing from rusted out parts that you can’t imagine who would want, to OEM show quality restoration parts in their original Ford packaging. Of course, there were a few worthless craft booths (which my wife loves though), the neon spark plug wire booths, and the “latest in sunglasses” booths but they are by far the minority. If you have been looking unsuccessfully for anything unusual automotive wise…it’s likely to be found among the swap meet vendors at Carlisle somewhere!

The swap meet provides you a distraction from the real reason everyone comes to Carlisle, and that is all the beautiful cars. Do you like Mustangs? Then you’ll see hundreds of them. Like Shelby’s?…you’ll see probably twenty. Like old Boss Mustangs?…again probably over 20. When is the last time you saw a hot Merkur? At Carlisle this year, there were over 100 Merkurs! Want to see an original GT40 racecar?…no problem. There were two present. How about original AC Cobras?…several were there along with numerous very convincing Cobra kit cars. Do you like Galaxies, Fairlanes, Comets, Lincolns, Cyclones, Torinos, Mavericks, LTDs, Falcons, or old Thunderbirds? Whatever you like, there were rows and rows of them present. It really is an amazing place to go and look at great old and new Ford vehicles.

The Supercoupe parking area on the show field at Carlisle has been expanded every year since the club began coming three years ago. We now have nearly a whole row to our self that is probably 80 yards long. This year we only shared it with a few other late model SHOs. The SCCoA was fortunate to have a 20 x 20 tent provided to us as a gathering place for members and a respite from the sun. Bill Hull had a booth with all the club go-fast goodies laid out for inspection and purchase underneath one of the few shade trees in the whole place a short walk .

This year there were a large amount of the cars that had been customized to some extent by their owners. It seems that most everyone can not leave well enough alone with his or her SC. Aftermarket wheels continue to be a very popular modification. Going up in size to a 17” wheel has become the norm. I remember when I bought my car new and everyone was amazed that it actually had a “humungous” 16” wheel. Well, isn’t it strange how times have progressed so quickly to where even 17 inchers are common place. This year marked the first appearance of a visually “hot-rodded” SC. Brad Klein from Florida has shaved his door handles and trunk lock, frenched the radio antenna into the rear fender, has a monster stereo inside the cabin, and painted a flame job to his front end with multi-color paint (similar to the “Mystic” paint on the Mustang Cobra). The look is simply stunning. Those taking home show award honors in the two SC classes this year included Dick Adams, Brad Klein, Michelle Morgan, Joe Baldazzi, Jimmy White, and Bill Evanoff.

From left to right:
Bill Evanoff's 1990 Red SC
Dick Adam's 1995 Black SC
Joe Baldazzi's 1989 Black SC
Brad Klein's 1995 SC

The after hours events were also enjoyable. A group of about forty club members went out to eat at a local steak house on Friday evening and all joined in a mini-cruise on Saturday night to another local restaurant where we took over the entire balcony. The groups exit from the parking lot after dinner that evening could have been mistaken for a commercial for Joey Chitwood and his team of stunt drivers. One car after another, after another seemed to spontaneously loose traction with the road surface as they exited their parking positions and slid sideways towards the street. Luckily no damage was done except to the tread life of numerous rear tires. Once back at the hotel, several enthusiastic, younger club members who pay no attention to the red line on their tachometers put on another smoke show in the rear parking lot.

If you only can go to one SCCoA club outing next year, make it to the Carlisle All-Ford Nationals. The weekend is a BLAST. I traveled about 425 miles one-way, to get there and others likely traveled twice that far. The show is THAT GOOD. Don’t miss another one. I hope to see YOU next year at this event during the first weekend in June!

List of Attendees:

  • Dick Adams of Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina
  • Bill Hull of Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Bill Evanoff of Loveland, Ohio
  • Ron DiPaola of Endicott, New York
  • Joe Baldazzi of Brodhead, Wisconsin
  • Brad Klein of Sarasota, Florida
  • Rich Thomson of Fairfax, Virginia
  • David Glista of Virginia
  • Steve DaRosa of Taunton, Massachusetts
  • Doug Crawford of Mansfield, Massachusetts
  • Michelle Morgan of Pennsylvania
  • If you were there and are not listed here, please email and let us know so we can add you to the attendance list and/or the Winners list.

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