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by Bill Evanoff -
photography by the author

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November 1998
Midwest Maintenance/Performance Clinic Report

The Midwest SCCoA chapter held its first annual fall Clinic for its members at the Midwest Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio on November 14th, 1998. The weather cooperated wonderfully with temperatures in the low 60's and partly sunny skies. The members and guests started showing up around 10:30 in the morning and the day was non-stop till past 7:00 p.m.
Eighteen members and guests came from as far away as Grand Blanc, Michigan. Ten Supercoupes were in attendance and one member actually had the audacity to drive his Taurus. We will forgive him though because some vandals had recently done a number on his car's paint and it was in the shop.
Very little work was actually performed on the groups' cars that day. Only a few members were working and those jobs went quickly. The MAIN activity was talking about, gawking at, crawling under, and just simply looking over the ten cars present with a fine tooth comb. The Midwest HQ parts warehouse was perused by everyone and SC parts were sold, traded, and even given away amongst the members. A Supercoupe commercial was viewed by the group, as well as a promotional video about Koni shock absorbers.
Around 3:00 p.m., the group went out for a cruise. It was quite a site seeing all the cars lined up going down the street. We certainly drew our share of stares from people along side the roads we went down. The funniest, was a group of young boys who were playing soccer in their yard. As our cars went past, all kicking stopped and the boy's jaws dropped as they stood dumbfounded facing the road.
Our group also did not escape the stares of a pair of Ohio State troopers either. Within two miles of starting the cruise, they nabbed the last two cars in our lineup on a trumped up charge of "rolling a stop sign". Both who received the ticket KNEW they did not roll through the stop what so ever. I guess the officers figured we were up to no good.
Anyway, the group waited for the two scofflaws and proceeded unscathed throughout the rest of the cruise. The group really got a tour of some of the twistiest roads around the area. Tires were constantly screaming as they went around corners at way over the posted limits. We went up winding creek and holler roads past broken down shacks, and also past multi-million dollar mansions during our 50-mile assault upon the roads around the rural East Side of Cincinnati. Surprisingly, we only lost one car during the drive and that was very near the end. He even made it to the restaurant before the rest of the group. After a fine meal, the group headed for home around 7:30 p.m.
Those attending were:

Mark Sayers of Lexington, Kentucky
Charles Markman of Grand Blanc, Michigan
Bill Schlabach of Canton, Michigan
Fred Peckral of Canton, Michigan
George O'Neill and his three sons of Germantown, Ohio
Vic Lee of Norwood, Ohio
Curtis Hungerford of Columbus, Ohio
Keith King of Xenia, Ohio
Bob Noack of Amelia, Ohio
Scott Rigsby and his wife Helena of New Vienna, Ohio
Stephen Butcher and his wife Vivian of Columbus, Ohio
Bill Evanoff and his wife Patty of Loveland, Ohio

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