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by Bill Evanoff -
photography by Matt Boggs

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May 6, 2000

Spring Midwest Chapter Outing in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Midwest chapter of the SCCoA continued its tradition of having a spring outing for its members. On May 6th a group of 21 SC enthusiasts gathered at SCCoA national headquarters on the east side of Cincinnati Ohio for a great afternoon of fellowship. The weather was superb with temperatures in the mid 80s.
The day started around 1 p.m. as one bright red SC after another pulled into my driveway. Once the driveway had four red SCs in it, the early group declared the driveway a "red SC zone" for the afternoon. All non-red cars were to park on the street. This held true until Mark Sayers cruised up in his black SC. Despite a few guys waving him out on to the street, he simply proclaimed, "Too bad, this is where I’m staying", as he got out of his car.
Ken Frazier, a local SCCoA member, brought the last red SC (a '90) in the driveway making a total of five. Shortly after arriving, his car began leaking oil profusely from a loose oil pressure-sending unit. Unfazed, Ken hopped into his '90 and took it home. He returned about fifteen minutes later driving his mint condition '94 SC! Like many SC enthusiasts, he is fortunate to own more than one. Lucky Guy!
With the street crowded and the driveway full our group had plenty to look at and talk about amongst each other. The Midwest Super Coupe parts warehouse was also open for viewing. That's my basement for those of you who have never seen it. It is stacked to the ceiling with good used SC parts from wrecks I have come across. Many said it was cool to see all those SC parts in one spot and also to see what things looked like taken apart. You can really appreciate how well built these cars really are when you see all the individual pieces. A few guys found some parts they couldn’t do without and took a few goodies home.
By 4 p.m., we were ready to hit the road for our cruise. We fired up our rides and began to caravan out into the country on our way to a cruise night. We went to a large K-Mart parking lot about thirty miles away. Well, we all fired up, except for Keith King that is. His starter or alternator was completely dead but he fortunately was parked on a hill and let the car roll forward and popped the clutch to get it going.
Our drive to the K-Mart lot was full of beautiful scenery and plenty of curvy roads. Unlike the previous cruise from my house two years earlier, no one received a traffic ticket. Even though we arrived relatively early to the cruise-in, the outer parking lot at K-Mart was utter gridlock. I had hoped to park and display our cars together but we couldn’t because all the good spots were taken. Every nice car within fifty miles was already there. We eventually gave up and went across the road. We checked out the other cars for the next hour or so before we gathered back together to find a restaurant.

We were now in Springboro Ohio, which is not exactly a booming place, so finding a good place to eat was slim pickins'. A Big Boy restaurant appeared to be our only choice and they even had a hill for Keith King to park on. I had now been stricken with an intermittent starter solenoid so I too was worried about getting my car going, but it usually performed after hitting the key a few times.

Over dinner we discussed our mechanical woes, which we decided could all be easily and inexpensively repaired. We also discussed the upcoming World Ford Challenge and the Carlisle PA shows. Most of the group had plans to attend one or the other outing and we were anxiously awaiting these huge shows.

Dinner was a gourmet delight (not really) and most importantly all the cars started for the ride home…(mainly Keith and mine were the questionable ones).

Those attending were:

Bill Schlabach from Canton, MI
Fred Peckral from Canton, MI
Mark & Teresa Sayers from Lexington, KY
Jeff Colonel from Cincinnati, OH
Scott Rigsby from New Vienna, OH
Mike Ostrander from Columbus, OH
Kevin Varnes from Grand Rapids, MI
Matt Boggs from Cincinnati, OH
Ken Frazier from Milford, OH
Kurt Hungerford & Fran Schenz from Columbus, OH
Jim & Jackie Coulter from Olmstead Falls, OH
James Fernandes from Canton, MI
Pat Gruber from Williamsburg, OH
George O’Neill & Rich Knott from Germantown, OH
Keith King from Xenia, OH
Bill and Patty Evanoff from Loveland, OH

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