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by Tbird Tim -
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Northwest Chapter Mini-Meet
November 15, 1998

     It was a very COLD, very WINDY, and very RAINY DAY. But the DIEHARD SC fanatics were in attendance at the SCCoNW's last mini-meet of the year. Even the poor weather could keep us from a last opportunity to share our SC experiences. That along with the chance to meet a HOOTER'S girl was enough to get 6 cars to attend.

     We had representatives from all three regions of our Northwest area. The longest drive was made Joe Weekly and his wife in their '93 SC coming from Oregon. From British Columbia, Brad Fedoruk in his '94 SC was joined by two friends along with his Mom (Linda) and her husband in their '90 SC. To round out the group, Dan Worley in his 35th Anniversary Edition, Perrin Kusano in his '94 SC and myself and my son in my (U WISH) '91 SC.

(Strut Tower Brace)
     It was so cold that we did not get to spend too much time checking out each other's cars. I did get a chance to at least show off the Kenny Brown Performance Strut Tower Brace (prototype). I could not get the Lower Engine Cradle Braces installed in time but had them in the trunk to show to everyone. I had the advantage of not having to drive very far and getting the morning to clean my car. After a brief picture taking session we opted for the warmer digs of HOOTERS.

     We all got a chance to talk about modifications we had performed and what mods we wanted to do next. We shared our experiences and shouted across the table at each other since I forgot the Seattle Seahawks football game was on TV. We took a few more pictures and headed back outside around 3:30PM.

     We got to chat a little more and check out Perrin Kusano's speaker system in his trunk. Man was it cool. We checked out Joe Weekly's RAM-Air setup and my White Faced gauges. Then it really started to rain and we closed it up and took off for home.

     What a GREAT time we had and I want to thank everyone who attended and we'll see you next spring.

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