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Super Coupe Club of Florida 2nd Annual Gathering
Jay Blanchard Park
Orlando, Florida
June 12, 2004

Well in trying to reorganize and rekindle our group, I suggested a June 12th second annual gathering. Thank god we are Floridians!!

With the mercury sitting at 93 degrees in the shade we began to gather at Jay Blanchard Park. When I pulled in with my son following we were greeted by 4 other SC'ers already there. The AC outside temp feature was showing 109 degrees under the front of my hood, and don't forget the 100% percent humidity and no breeze that appears everyday here in Central Florida. Someone suggested we move this annual gathering to March sometime so as not to kill off any members, next year I think we will. By 5PM we were pretty much all well done and begging someone to stick us with a fork. We ended up with 10 SCs a 03 Cobra, and Jeremy's Turbo coupe. We had great debates between the racers in the group over engine configurations, HP vs displacement and nitrous vs none. We had the normal chit chat that we always get, what's new?, see what I got?, and what ya think? We all went for a wonderful dinner at a local favorite spot, and then to a cruise in across from the dinner spot for another 3 hours of showing off the rides, in the midst of some really nice old American iron. Bottom line, we had another beautiful day, enjoying some great friendships among people with some common interests.

Enjoy the pics..

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