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Super Coupe Club of Florida Meet:
2004 Daytona Spring Fling, Daytona International Speedway, Daytona, Florida
March 19-21, 2004

What a gorgeous day again, another one of those perfect Florida days 77 degrees and a 20 knot wind blowing in off the ocean. One by one the SCCOFL pulled into the meeting place at 8, preparing for a wonderful day. My son and I got there second; Flip was already there and guess what, polishing his car. We ended up with 6 SCs and Glenís 85 GT. We are still waiting for Glen to get done painting the house so he can finish fixing up his SC to bring to some of these meets, hey honey do lists and all. We made our way to gate 70 of the Daytona International Speedway.

I knew we were in for a day when Dan got on it, then Flip, then Bryan's unforgettable blower/exhaust sound that we all love. Then Peter got 1st and a healthy second gear hit with that new tranny, then my son showing off and making his father nervous. Then me, who by the way, got caught by the light, always!! Once parked, we were joined by Chapter President Brad Klein, and his dad, Terry Klein. and an hour or so later a young man by the name of Mike Weimar, from Gainesville, an old time SCCOA participant and a couple of his friends.

We managed to get about 8 hours of friendly meandering and fellowship, a few of us even made it to dinner, Danís wife Terri even came up and joined us. All in all a beautiful day, beautiful weather, awesome friends, rad rods, and a LOT of freakin Impala SSís around. Enjoy some pics of our merry little group of SCíers. - Richard Jones

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