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Mobil 1 World Ford Challenge 1999 at Route 66 Raceway
Joliet, Illinois

by Ron DiPaola-
photography by Ron DiPaola

Thunderbirds owners from across North America flock to 1999's Biggest All-Ford Racing Event
May 13-16, 1999

Super Coupe owners from Canada and the US journeyed to Joliet, IL for the biggest and best World Ford Challenge yet.

For Dick and Judy Adams, the journey began at their home in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina early in the week. They drove up to Niagara Falls, Canada where they were given a grandiose welcome at the U.S./Canadian border. Since these two Southerners looked a bit shady, they were forced to display the contents of their suitcases. Luckily, border agents were unable to find anything and they were allowed to proceed.

Late Tuesday night Ron DiPaola of Endicott, NY met up with the Adams at their hotel in Niagara Falls. Early Wednesday morning the two SCs drove to Mike and Lisa Maroschak's home in Oakville, Ontario. All three then cruised to a spot on the 401 where they met the rest of the SCCoO crew: Wayne Ing, Norman Tsai, Bill Gowland, and token "4.6r": Michael Varrik.

The cruise went well, with the caravan keeping together for the most part and stopping for regular pitstops and fuel-ups. We arrived late Wednesday night at the Days Inn in Joliet, checked in, had dinner and retired for the evening.

Thursday morning we decided to meet up with the official WFC cruise at Rod Baker Ford in Plainfield, IL for free t-shirts, and to cruise directly into the Route 66 raceway. Our crew was one of the first to arrive and later approximately 100+ cars eventually showed up. We were treated to a free lunch and give-aways of hats, t-shirts, etc. Everyone in our cruise won something and Ron DiPaola won the grand prize: a Roush Trunk Tool Kit for a 94 - 98 Mustang.

From Rod Baker Ford we cruised 15 miles to the Route 66 Raceway, where the Northern Cruise was the first official WFC cruise to arrive. We were welcomed by WFC organizers, given welcome packets and photographed by Super Ford. We used the overcast and slightly drizzling weather to register for the Auto Show, secure spots together and check out where everything was located.

Later Thursday other SCCoA members starting showing up and again we dined together and later hit the streets looking for some action.

Much of Friday and Saturday were spent checking out the Manufacturer's Midway, purchasing parts, watching the superb racing action, and perusing the 750+ cars in the Auto Show. We saw one SC run against a Mark VII and the SC was running 15.6s.

On Sunday the final races were held and prizes for the auto show were presented, see results below.

Special mention: Ryan Riggin; Red 1987 Mustang with an SC engine. The car isn't quite finished, but he did have a picture to show the installation. He said that he has driving it for a short time without a radiator and it was surprisingly quick. He hopes to have it finished before the end of the year.

Check the official World Ford Challenge web site for more information:

List of Attendees:

Name: Car: From: Member of:
Kurt Kreisz Black 1992 SC St. Louis, Missouri SCCoA & GSCC
Steve Boehm 35th Anniverary 1990 SC St. Louis, Missouri GSCC
Wayne Ing White 1992 SC Markham, Ontario, CAN SCCoO
Lisa & Mike Maroschak Titanium 1990 SC Oakville, Ontario, CAN SCCoO
Norman Tsai Pearl White 1995 SC North York, Ontario, CAN SCCoO
Bill Gowland Titanium 1990 SC Mississauga, Ontario, CAN SCCoO &TCCoA
Dick & Judy Adams Black 1995 SC Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina SCCoA & TCCoA
Ron DiPaola Black 1993 SC Endicott, New York SCCoA & SCC of Central NY
Doug Williams Blue 1989 SC Dearborn Heights, Michigan SCCoA & TCCoA
Joe Baldazzi Black 1989 SC Brodhead, Wisconsin SCCoA & SCCOW
Andy Erickson Red 1992 SC Janesville, Wisconsin SCCoA & SCCOW
Steven Watson Pearl White 1997 LX Tulsa, Oklahoma TCCoA & SCCoA
Michael Varrik Titanium 1996 LX Willowdale, Ontario, CAN SCCoO

Auto Show Winners:

1989-1997 Stock Thunderbird/Cougar/Mark VIII
  • 1st Place - Andy Erickson - 1992 SC
  • 2nd Place
  • 3rd Place

1989-1997 Modified Thunderbird/Cougar/Mark VIII

  • 1st Place - Ron DiPaola - 1993 SC
  • 2nd Place - Dick Adams - 1995 SC
  • 3rd Place - Kurt Kreisz - 1992 SC

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