Freqently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Drag ET Computer

Javascript Calculator by Ron DiPaola -

Based off Excel spreadsheet by by Michael Pancheri of Georgetown University
(C) 1998 Michael Pancheri, FLB/NYC Racing. Used with permission.

** Only make changes to the fields listed in red.

Temperature (F): Corrected Temperature (C):
Barometric Pressure (in.Hg): Corrected Barometer (Kpa):
Humidity (%): Calculated Dry Air Pressure:
Elapsed Time: Air Density (%):
MPH: Effective Horsepower (%):
Weight: Corrected ET:
BSFC*: Corrected MPH:
# of Cylinders:    
Injector size (lb/hr):    
Tire Diameter:    
RPM @ Peak Horsepower:    
Calculated Horsepower: Total Fuel Consumption (lb/hr):
Calculated HP (2nd equation) Minimum Fuel Pump Cap.(lph):
HP with optimal traction Optimal Fuel Pump Capacity:
Horsepower Utilized: Injector Flow Rate (lb/hr):
Best Possible ET: Required Fuel Pressure (lb):
Best Possible MPH: Ideal Gear Ratio:
*Stock Compression 5.0: .5-.55
High Compression 5.0: .44-.5
Turbo&Supercharged: >.55
Stock Heads: +.05
Aluminum Heads: -.05
Colder Plug: -.05
Higher Octane: -.05