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  1. How much $ on mods??
  2. How many SCs at your house?
  3. How bout a "Car of the week" instead
  4. Technical forum
  5. Which lowering springs recommended??
  6. Interest in 94-95 SC Reverse Indiglo Gauges
  7. BilletFlow Pulleys (Vote on the color you want)
  8. AOD Shift Kits
  9. replacement sunroof switch retainer
  10. Poll On Sccoa Memberships
  11. Rear Spoiler opinion
  12. How many of us could realistically afford a turbo
  13. Turbo the SC???
  14. 1/4 mile rules
  15. How many miles on your new HG's ?
  16. What Mileage is on your SC?
  17. 800
  18. How many SCs in faster than 12.0 in '04?
  19. 5-speed tranny fluid
  20. How Hot/Cold Is it at home?
  21. More Smilies!
  22. what will my RWHP be?
  23. Blowin steam on chi-town racing forums?
  24. Question????? mandrell vs. standard bend
  25. What MPH and RPM before.. *BANG*
  26. what do you guys think of my T-bird
  27. Sleeper or no Sleeper?
  28. Unofficial POWERFUL LIST vote for new rules!
  29. Locked treads.........
  30. What is your occupation or source of income?
  31. How much HP will Bill get out of his M90???
  32. Where does everyone find parts.
  33. How many Ford Turbo 2.3L owners?
  34. Should i get this 89 SC for 800 Bucks
  35. Whats your insurance rate on the SC
  36. Which to Keep? 93' SC or 90' Datyona VNT
  37. Super Coupe Members on Oahu
  38. What is the Best EEC tuner?
  39. Need Your Help Guys
  40. never mind
  41. Polish or paint
  42. Most expensive Cat or Bird ??
  43. 2005 SC Shootout Location!
  44. Engine Bay Color
  45. Custom Sub Box/Amp Rack ??????
  46. Would you be mad?
  47. What should i do.
  48. SC considered An SVT or no?
  49. Would you wait?
  50. do you like my SC
  51. which plate should i get
  52. Get rid of it? Or spend the money?
  53. 5spd or auto for track?
  54. how fast will Franks turbo coupe be
  55. 17" wheel tire size? 255/45 or 245/45 Fronts, 275/40 rears
  56. What would you guys reccomend?
  57. Would you buy Cometic HG's?
  58. Sub size?
  59. To Blast......or not to Blast......that is my question...
  60. Member section of sccoa.com
  61. SC Movie ????
  62. Drive-in/cruise-in
  63. No-one wants a SC Movie???
  64. Ohio chapter???
  65. If Head Gasket Blew, Request Yr and Type of Tranny
  66. Best Tire For Traction
  67. Oops, i'm an idiot
  68. Ash tray cover, broken or not?
  69. New Wheel Style Possabilities!!!!
  70. Underdrive Access. Drive Pulley issues?
  71. SC with a Z-28 SS hood, kinda
  72. 1995 SC on Ebay MTV Pimp My Ride!
  73. Fix or part out?
  74. Virtual Drag Race
  75. Gas Tank Seal Leak
  76. Accumulator ball
  77. What Compound are ou using on your DIS Module
  78. POLL: Do you like my Photoshop????????
  79. Stupid, but need to know poll
  80. What Kind of Gas Milage are you getting
  81. 70mm Throttle Body Setup
  82. Shipping Company
  83. Gas Milelage
  84. Poll: Rate my car on looks
  85. Nitrous/ SCU Snow Alcohol injection
  86. The Fast and the Furious
  87. License Plate Help!!!!!
  88. Too Ricy?
  89. How much is this worth??
  91. "SC bug"
  92. Do you like the Pic in my signature?
  93. oldschoolmuscle should be banned FOUREVER
  94. 2006 SC Shootout Location!!!
  95. What Should The "most Powerful" Rules Be....vote Here....
  96. 2006 SHOOTOUT, are you going?
  97. 2006 SHOOTOUT, going OR NOT?
  98. What to do....
  99. exhaust sound
  101. Nitrous or Snow system?
  102. Sig Size
  103. 5.0 Stroker In 96 Cat?
  104. Any SC owners in El Paso, TX?
  105. whats easier to work on ?
  106. Smokers
  107. Debut of my obsession. Foosified or fugly?
  108. What Causes this?
  109. Should I quit?
  110. looking to get a new car, what should i get?
  111. Engine Installation With COWL ON/OFF
  112. new pipe
  113. What's Broken?
  114. Hard Starting When Hot
  115. Head Gasket Blown
  116. Motor Mount Replacement
  117. Best year for the SC
  118. Extended Warranty
  119. SC back seat club
  120. Fixing Oil Leaks on my 90
  121. What's better, Ported Manfolds or Mustang Headers
  122. 2006 SC Shootout shirts
  123. Is your car ready for the Shoot-out?
  124. Is your car ready for the Shoot-out?
  125. Wheel Poll!!
  126. my 92 sc
  127. Light
  128. Gas
  129. Is Ford showing too much bias
  130. how much would you pay for a set of polished tensioners
  131. Best Beer for All Ford Carlisle
  132. WHEEL POLL!!! Again...
  133. "BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK" Blowers
  134. Help I Need To Pick A Plate!
  135. Help I Need To Pick A Plate!
  136. Help I Need To Pick A Plate!
  137. New Pick My 94 Sc Plate !!!
  138. boost levels
  139. Have you had an Art Carr AOD take out your thrust?
  140. Lifter Problems
  141. Best BANG for the buck? ...opinions wanted
  142. 03/04 Cobra or GT500
  143. Replacement Fuel Injectors
  144. To save or not to save....
  145. How many owners
  146. Super charger Vs Turbos
  147. Poll What Oil do you guys Run and what are your average OAT
  148. is mannysc a attention whore
  149. 4.2 crankshaft in a SC?
  150. Centerforce vs Luk
  151. Interest in an SC/XR7 autocross event?
  152. Building molds for carbon fiber hood. What style hood?
  153. what would you get if you were me? 01-02 lightning or 03-04 lightning?
  154. New voice of KITT
  155. Who will make it to 10,000 posts first
  156. Split port or SC heads?
  157. What do you put in your center console ash tray?
  158. Ok Ill Start This Off Right
  159. Future cosmetic mods?
  160. Doing some trading need opions???
  161. Are Cougers all Gone?
  162. knightrider
  163. Blown HG's
  164. Age of the SC drivers here?
  165. Sunroof or No
  166. Should the SC came with a facory spoiler?
  167. What Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECT) Sensor Brand is good
  168. D D ?
  169. Do you own a 35th Anny?
  170. BLUE 1995 5 speeds
  171. how much could i sell my 35th for
  172. Who will be a new daddy first?
  173. Which Shocks and Springs to use
  174. Will gas prices drive us into a Depression?
  175. Which is worse? (pics)
  176. goof up please delete
  177. Head Gaskets which side goes
  178. please delete sorry.
  179. supercoupe's new replacement ??
  180. Need your opinions again
  181. 35th w/stripes?
  182. Survey says!
  183. Should I kill it???? Yes or no
  184. Whats it worth?All opinions wanted!!!
  185. Favorite car movie?
  186. 16" drag tire sizes
  187. How much did you spent on your rebuilt?
  188. Solid Rubber Motor Mounts How's your engine vibration?
  189. Screw charge, Turbo, MPX, S-port. What would you kill for.
  190. New paint for 94 SC
  191. how old are SC owners
  192. How should I OD my MPII?
  193. What is everyone bringing to the Shoot Out?
  194. Warranty?? Good deal?
  195. 35th.
  196. What color should I paint my new 95
  197. How has everyone set their TV cable?
  198. would u trade a modded 94gt for a 94-95 sc
  199. Whats your RWHP level
  200. Am I out of line here????
  201. wheel colour
  202. Intercooler
  203. How many parts do you have lying around waiting to be installed?
  204. what weight oil are you running??
  205. MAF mod
  206. Revised wheel choices
  207. How much have you spent?
  208. Term limit for committee members and moderators
  209. bolt patern?
  210. Poll: 10's, 11's, 12's, 13's, 14's, or 15's
  211. full swap from 95sc to 96lx?
  212. 1/4 mile times for 2009
  213. spark plug indexing
  214. Whats more desirable, 35th 5spd or 94-95 5spd
  215. Which hood/front end on my SC?
  216. Rear Spoiler
  217. Any SC owners and GAS PUMP COLLECTORS
  218. How do you like your SC lowered....
  219. color options for my 89
  220. Shootout classes
  221. Survey on the thunderbird sc- help us!
  222. How much did you spend?
  223. Shootout Food and Banquet
  224. Shootout Food and Banquet
  225. Mandrel Exhaust System kit
  226. which one looks best
  227. Black out Corners or Just the Yellow part?
  228. Add an "Exhaust Section" to SCCOA Forums
  229. What color caliper?
  230. all original or modified?
  231. B&M vs rebuild.
  232. to chrome or not to chrome- that is the question
  233. Thunderbird SC registry
  234. how many miles are on ur sc and whats it worth
  235. How to write up section
  236. dbl intercooler with or without
  237. Staggered Diameter Wheels!
  238. Not a T- Bird but still cool?
  239. Shooutout attendance poll
  240. New Look for The Fluffer..MAYBE
  241. 6 speed or not to 6 speed, that is the question?
  242. Customizing my 1991 SC
  243. How much beer is needed for a head gasket job?
  244. Which Wheels Should I Go With?
  245. Which Vanity Plate Should I Get
  246. Custom Plate Poll - Final 2 Choices
  247. How many movies with an SC in them?
  248. Syncronizer Blockers?
  249. 2015 Ford Mustang (love it? hate it?)
  250. What prohibits you from attending an Event?