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  1. I subscribe to the theory that micah is ...
  2. How much has this board helped you in your quest
  3. what is the best year of the SC (body style wise)
  4. which driving habits do you hate the most?
  5. What is the best mod for quick 1/4 mile times?
  6. Who will win?
  7. What are the most popular ricers where you live??
  8. ZR Motorsport Intake... FEEDBACK
  9. What is the age majority on this site?
  10. What was your stock 1/4 time in your Sc?
  11. Sorry this is the one cheak this poll
  12. Nitrous cheating or not?
  13. Boost Levels
  14. What kind of fuel mileage?
  15. What SC would it take to beat this BMW?
  16. How many miles do your cars have on them
  17. Who's car will win down the 1/4 mile?
  18. How "into" the SC's are you?
  19. Who here has america online?
  20. What's the prefered music of the SC cruizer?
  21. Installation of MN12Performance Front Susp. Kit
  22. Head Gasket Failure - Where did your gasket Leak?
  23. For those who have done major mods to your SC's
  24. When did your Head Gasket go?
  25. Spell Check problems?
  26. to bra, or not to bra?
  27. Which car would you choose?
  28. Who is going to the MN12 meet??????????
  29. how much did you all pay for your cars.......
  30. what is a enough nos?
  31. Which car is the best?
  32. what is the average age of the modern SC driver?
  33. Who's "Louchios" Halloween poll
  34. Has Anyone Ever Broke a Passenger Side Motor Mount
  35. Who has more false screen names?
  36. Who would be interested in new cast 3" IC tubing?
  37. Check it out!!!
  38. How would 90 Anniv SC rims look on Crimson red sc?
  39. NE1 seen crimson red 93 with red cloth int????
  40. How did you upgrade your stereo?
  41. too all SCCoA members...
  42. Which mufflers have the best "growl" sound?
  43. 93 SC for $4500 is it worth it?
  44. How many miles from your OEM A/C compressor
  45. To Buy Or Not To Buy
  46. To resonate or not to resonate, that is the poll!
  47. How much for a Great Condition 95SC
  48. CNN/SCCoA Presidential Poll
  49. Two fastest SC lists NOS and non NOS?
  50. Anyone intereseted in a Front mount IC kit?
  51. Should Jim Demmitt be banned from SCCoA???????
  52. Should I change my 96 sport to look like an SC?
  53. Is Buy/Sell better this way?
  54. Your favorite wheel? (STOCK)
  55. This one's a just out of curiosity...
  56. MAF and TB combos
  57. what meat to eat?
  58. I miss my Torque
  59. 1994-1995 spare tire poll
  60. Wondering if transmission affects rotor warp
  61. Vegas bet Nor-Cal or SW , NW , to take Vegas?
  62. How Many SCs Will break into the 12s at Vegas meet
  63. What would you drive if there were no more SC's?
  64. Tuning the 4.3 for Vegas
  65. How many SC's does everyone have
  66. National Event Logo Voting
  67. how mutch for your high preassure p/s hose
  68. fovorite SC phraze!
  69. Pre-Sale on Alcohol Injection
  70. SC Articles on disc?
  71. Should exhaust tip be hidden
  72. Does the average Joe know what an SC is?
  73. How much were your payments
  74. What do you think of the 2001 Tbird?
  75. What info should go into MN12 Reference BOOK?
  76. how often do you visit this site?
  77. what color is your SC
  78. Whose Premium Gas do you use in your SC/XR7?
  79. Whose Premium Gas do you use in your SC/XR7?
  80. Whose Premium Gas do you use in your SC/XR7?
  81. How Much do u Speed w/ your SC?
  82. Which brand of gas do you use in your SC/XR7?
  83. Spark Plug Wires
  84. Who Passes Gas in Their SC
  85. Head Gasket Poll
  86. Miller poll
  87. Which lowering springs do you have?
  88. Mod a SC or get a Lightning?
  89. Favorite car song?
  90. I prefer to buy an SC:
  91. How do you make a poll?
  92. Name your favorite car to kill!
  93. Should Jim Demmitt be banned?
  94. Should we have SCCOA name tags at Carlisle PA
  95. should we ban ourselves from this site!?
  96. Rice or Steak?
  97. How high will it go?
  98. What's the best looking SC ?
  99. Who thinks its funny
  100. What is Heavier?
  101. 0
  102. Who supports free speech on the BBS?
  103. Does anyone search anymore?
  104. Who is "SC Intimidator"
  105. Has your crank sensor failed?
  106. Has your cam sensor failed?
  107. Has your DIS/ICM failed?
  109. What is the funniest car that has tried to race U
  110. Stick Tire Valve Caps
  112. New Moderator Voting -- HERE!
  113. Should we let the censorship begin.
  114. If you where to choose what would you get?
  115. Reflections upon a BBS.....by Micah Miller.
  116. **what are you driving**
  117. How many would like to join the "KING" club?
  118. what car's do you most like to blow -away!!
  119. how fast have you been in your sc???
  120. ~ Duke of Carlisle '01 Voting! ~
  121. When do you get full boost (stock only)
  122. Fiero or IROC spoiler ??????
  123. Is your dashboard cracked?
  124. How many SC owners had a 3.8 NA LX First?
  125. Ram Air Hood?
  126. To Paint Or Not To Paint
  127. Shopping on line
  128. Has your Five speed had a synchro go?
  129. How much $$$ did you invest into your SC?
  130. 1/4 mile ETs...
  131. Your most tragic SC experience...
  132. new ford
  133. Best SC combination...
  134. Gear ratios...
  135. Is Your SC Parked With Problems Or Running Good?
  136. Who owns the 5spd and who owns the Auto
  137. LED trunklamp failures..
  138. How do you really feel about the M5R2 ?
  139. If Ford never made a SC, which would you drive?
  140. How much doe have you sank into your SC ???
  141. T-Bird SVTs, and your opinions...
  142. Where would you like to see the 2002 National Meet
  143. Best DOT rated tire for drag racing?
  144. see newer poll
  145. who would win?
  146. Which year do you own???
  147. how many kilometres or miles on your sc??
  148. what do you think we should do about terrerist?
  149. most popular rim
  150. new try here "most recommended rim"
  151. what music do sc drivers listen to?
  152. Slam it or keep it natural?
  153. Self-PSI levels after a spicy meal...
  154. What's your favorite kind of cheese?
  155. How maney sc owners are woman?
  156. How many sc owners live in chicago
  157. UNBIASED Age Count
  158. Fake SC
  159. When did your original head gaskets blow?
  160. how many posts do you have on here??
  161. What can be done to improve SCCoA's quality
  162. Hottest Chick EVER???
  163. Will you have your sc out to play in the snow?
  164. Calif Hot Rodder & American record
  165. who's sick of hearing about 5 stars?
  166. How bad of an SC addict are you - Serious
  167. Who would you vote off first
  168. How often do you go WOT?
  169. Non-SC question, cmon, help me out
  170. spinning wheels sig pic...keep it or scrap it
  171. We Broke the law!
  172. How much for a 91 SC, excellent cond!!!
  173. Who here likes V6 mustangs?
  174. California record still stands
  175. Craziest Chapter - let's have some fun with this
  176. Spun bearing poll
  177. Whats The Best SC
  178. Harmonic Balacer Failure &/or Crankshaft Bolt
  179. Where does everyone live..
  180. How many first time SCer's?
  181. I would Go to a National MN12 EVENT if held in ...
  182. What should be on the front cover of the calendar?
  184. pick one-
  185. Do you have a mullet?
  186. whats your best time at the track
  187. Are SC's good for pickin up chicks???
  188. Are you male or female?
  189. When you changed your H/G's what else was changed?
  190. Who has blown head gaskets using Fel-Pros?
  191. Best tool ever invented...
  192. how much hp do you have?
  193. whats the hardest color to keep clean?
  194. Which would you buy for $1000
  195. Is a civic rice or not. Help me settle a debate
  196. what color to paint car
  197. What finish on wheels
  200. do you prefer spoilers on sc's or not
  201. What's Do You Want MOST out of your SC!!!
  202. What's Your Avg. Gas Milage?
  203. import killer?
  204. If u won a...
  205. Fast and the Furious
  206. Who liked my homebrewed beer? (be honest)
  207. test
  208. Quickest way to 500hp?
  209. tail lights poll
  210. Does anyone even poll anymore?
  211. 1986 Mercury LYNX
  212. Can someone try to post a real poll in here?
  213. test poll?
  214. 1 of 2 POLLS!!
  215. Cougar Logo on page and shirt (maybe)
  216. 1:18 Die Cast SC model??
  217. Whose exhaust sounds the best...
  218. how many SC wre produced from 89/95
  219. how does this setup sound???
  220. the ladies and american muscle
  221. american muscle and the ladies
  222. Poll
  223. How Many?????
  224. indiana sc's
  225. PA supercoupe owners
  226. stick
  227. Go to war?
  228. Re: auto VS. 5 speed
  229. Jim's new time after this weekend. (Oct. 26)
  230. Non-Stock Tire Combos
  231. wow look at this
  232. anyways to get a number for your sc?
  233. how many use chassis dyno?
  234. Here comes the Silver Bullit!
  235. Sc Owners In Ala.
  236. Arizona roll call
  237. HP/Torque/1/4mile Poll
  238. Age, Gender, & Tranny?
  239. help choosing paint
  240. How many in the DIY motor mount club?
  241. When do you drive your SC?
  242. Should there be a 94-95 5-speed registry ?
  243. JBL Stereo - Radio/Tape/Cd player RELIABILITY
  244. How Much $$ is this performance mod worth?
  245. What size Throttle Body are you using??
  246. How Far will You Drive
  247. What is your location...
  248. QA1 Adjustable Suspension
  249. Attendance Poll
  250. embaraSSment