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  1. See you SCCoSE boys in Atlanta 14 Oct
  2. Headers
  3. Oct 14 Results
  4. Car Show
  5. SCCoSE...?
  6. Its That Time
  7. I can see Neil Frisbee shaking in his boots...
  8. The headers are on!!!!
  10. Alright...I'm a little puzzled here (tech question
  11. Good Luck, Steve!
  12. this post is a mistake, dont click me!!
  13. So what about another meet??
  14. Just a reminder: Upcoming Meet
  15. Steve Griffith, contact me
  16. two 94 sc for sale
  17. Nov 11th Atlanta meet
  18. Pics up on Website
  19. Did You Know...(T-Bird Trivia)
  20. Dan - Welcome to the 2 SC Ownership Club
  21. These Ford Motor Mounts SUCK!!!
  22. Just bought SC, again!
  23. Here's a pic of my car....
  24. Chattanooga Meet
  26. mechanic needed in Birmingham
  27. This Saturday is gonna suck.......
  28. Head Count for Chatt. Meet
  29. Everyone OK???
  30. New SuperCoupe Website, YOU help Develope...
  31. Chattanooga Meet
  33. Some ideas for 2001 events, etc
  34. how'd the Chattanooga meet go?
  35. i need to change the crank shaft sensor!!
  36. 1994 sc auto for sale just $7,000
  37. God I love doing brake jobs (Blahhhh!!!!)
  38. Drag strip websites & schedules
  39. '89 super coupe for sale
  40. Update on my shifter
  41. Potential new member found
  42. Well I was up in Chattanooga this weekend and.....
  43. Meeting for February
  44. Need advise on next mod
  45. 130 amp alternator
  46. SCCoSE sticker
  47. The top and IC fan are on order!!
  48. I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. Higgins Ford Perf. has their chassis dyno!!!!
  50. IC Fan and Top are here!!!!!!!
  51. anyone close??
  52. New tranny is in, But.
  53. '93 lx for sell cheap here....
  54. 90 SC For Sale
  55. Stock radio
  56. Everyone OK after the storm???
  57. Info from Bill @ SilverDollar dragway
  58. Saturday at Silver Dollar dragway
  59. Aww man i got my weekends screwed up
  60. Next weekend, anyone?
  61. '93 SC for sale here in Chattanooga TN area
  62. Mike, tellme more about your Cam regrind
  63. White Early model SC for sale
  64. @#[email protected]# Leaking Brake Fluid!!!! *@#$!
  65. Any one going to the Atlanta Auto Show???
  66. Fun Ford Weekend in Atlanta
  67. Head gaskets, here we come!!!!!
  68. Rumble on the Mountain
  69. The beast gets resurected tomorrow!!!
  70. Question for Steve Griffith......
  71. Got the motor put back together...FINALLY!!
  72. Any one see American Muscle Car on Speedvision??
  73. Friday Night Test & Tune at SE Dragway in Dallas
  75. Spring Rod Run
  76. Corral.net Day
  77. Results from my trip to the 1/8 mile track
  78. The double intercooler is in!
  79. Any one have an extra one of these.....
  81. FFW Test and Tune Friday 10am-6pm
  82. Damn these pop-up ads!!!!!
  83. Race on Sunday
  84. Great SC Events coming up this Summer!!!
  85. My results from last friday at FFW
  86. '95 Chameleon Blue 5spd
  87. Anyone interested in riding co-pilot in the XB70?
  88. Are all systems go for Montgomery?
  89. Is there anyone by the name of Derrick on here????
  90. Tim/SCme: What's your e-mail address
  91. Guys, looks like Montgomery is out for me
  92. Montgomery results
  93. Idea for July meet.
  94. Where is everyone?
  95. Drove a BULLITT today
  96. New Member
  97. Racing again at SilverDollar Raceway.
  98. '90 SC in Memphis, TN for sale :( :( :(
  99. Wanted SC Rims
  100. ATTN anyone needing SC Junkyard parts
  101. Man, just my luck.........
  102. SCCOSE Stickers
  103. Couple of things
  104. National meet: whos going/convoy?
  106. Colonel Huber, You were AWOL yesterday soldier!
  107. Good News
  108. Next meet??
  109. Well if I had only found out sooner...
  110. 93 SC for sale in nashville tn.
  111. Project "Black Bettie" Status Report: 7/29/01
  112. Results from machine shop
  113. I got my XR7!!!
  114. Motor assembly underway
  115. Jason Parham...
  116. test
  117. Hey guys guess what...
  118. new in ga
  119. Got another one
  120. where to meet this weekend
  121. 94 Super Coupe...Sold
  122. 1993 sc for sale
  123. Selling 35th Anniversary
  124. Next meet
  125. meet this month
  126. Anyone Got Pics from Natl meet
  127. Need some parts and Added #4 SC
  128. GREAT 94' 5-SPEED (FOR SALE)
  130. Salvage Yards in Atlanta area??
  131. 93 Super Coupe FOR SALE!
  132. Bad 94' 5-speed For Sale (pics)
  133. Silver Dollar this Saturday?
  134. I'm gonna be in Vegas all next week. Anybody wanna meet?
  135. Rob I am catching up, I am back home with #4
  136. MN-12 National meet...
  137. Saturday's meet at Atlanta Dragway
  138. Ya hafta check this out
  139. Next meeting
  140. another new guy
  141. For Sale
  142. Hey guys got #11 today
  143. test, nothing more, nothing less n/m
  144. movies
  145. Now paging Mr. Gilbert...
  146. Bama bound in T-minus 48 hours!!!!!
  147. 90 XR7 for sale in Dalton GA
  148. Hope everone had a safe and ....
  149. N.C. Meet
  150. Need Seats
  151. Nice site !!
  152. I'm going to Florida
  153. checkin' in locally with my ~~~ bird
  154. Must be getting slow in me old age....
  155. Project "Black Bettie" Status: The awakening is ne
  156. Who owns the '94 or '95 white SC in the Canton, GA area???
  157. The drag strips are opening.
  158. Its Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiive, hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  159. It's time to go racin' again
  160. heres something for may
  161. 1994 SC for sale
  162. 94 SC for sale-forgot to put price
  163. I need to know how many wants to buy a CALENDAR....
  164. I't looks like drag racing is rained out today.
  165. Turbos/superchargers for sale
  166. Ground effects
  167. Spring BREAK!!! Check this SC out y'all
  168. Im baaaacckkk!!!! -long......
  169. Whos going on the 30th????
  170. to the desert
  171. NMRA at SilverDollar
  172. Congratulations Mike Donley
  173. Damn Tripod's Free web hosting Bullshee-ot!!
  174. Fun Ford Weekend
  175. Anybody seen the latest CT?
  176. Looks like we got one for sale in Alexander City AL
  177. Know of any show Sat. April 27 in Montgomery?
  178. Mobile, AL SC owners
  179. SC for sale in Huntsville...
  180. Mustang and Ford Show at Gilmore Ford in Prattville
  181. Camping meet?
  182. 90SC For Sale
  183. 1990 Ann. Thunder S.C.for sale
  184. Anyone interested in VTCI?
  185. Caravan to Carlisle
  186. Attention Mike Puckett
  187. couple things...
  188. does anyone have the subwoofer system that came with there 8
  189. New Look for the Website!!
  190. Funny A$$ Picture!!! A MUST SEE!!!!!!!
  191. get wiring diagrams here
  192. Chattanooga Meeting
  193. If you live in the Southeast US, please e-mail me
  194. Time to firm up plans for campout/picnic
  195. reply to campout/picnic plans
  196. 4th of July ThunderBird parade in Roswell, GA.
  197. I'm compiling a new memberaship list.
  198. And were back...but for how long?!?!?!
  199. Chattanooga Meeting
  200. Pics from the 4 July Parade posted!
  201. For Sale 1993 SC Black/Black Leather, needs engine work
  202. Read this!!!! An Announcement from ME
  203. Chattanooga activities
  204. Any objection to the weekend of Aug 10/11 for Chatt meet??
  205. Fantasy Football
  206. Chattanooga Headcount/Poll
  207. Help needed on my SC
  208. Need help in NE Atlanta area
  209. Well....
  210. Fun Ford Bristol Tn Aug 2-3-4
  211. Testing my new sig, you like?
  212. Florida SC in Texas- anybody know this car?
  213. Info on meets...
  214. Hey Mike D.
  215. You should have been there
  216. Any updates on Chattanooga activities/details?
  217. Post if your bringing stuff....
  218. Contact Number for this weekend
  219. Got my car riding SMOOTH now!
  220. You guys are the best - thanks
  221. I'm KING of the Thunder Dome slick track.
  222. Terribly sorry I missed the meet guys....
  223. Pre-Register NOW and Save $15.00
  224. Does any one remember what my last signature said?
  225. Any South Florida SC Owners????
  226. Yo, check it. Chatt Pics up on the website
  227. Upcomong events
  228. Check out the pics!!!
  229. My Car Was Broken Into This Morning
  230. Anyne going to Nationals please reply
  231. Fresh in from Nationals
  232. Future meet????
  233. Dyno Pulls Atlanta and Stock old school pulley
  234. 88 5.0 vert, 66 F100 and truck load of parts
  235. Wow this thread got quiet all of a sudden
  236. Message to all SC owners in Charlotte, NC and surround areas..Let's meet!!!
  237. RIP Adam Mullen, 9/23/83-9/24/02
  238. I would like to open discussion.....
  239. Up coming Drag racing dates.
  240. Reynolds meet Fri Oct 11th...
  241. Saturday, Oct 26 a for sure date for Atlanta Dragway
  242. cars and parts for sale see sccoa classifieds
  243. Looks like we got a new SC parts supplier
  244. I was the only SC at Atlanta Dragway today
  245. Anyone around the Chattanooga Area on Friday Night?
  246. Are we meeting this weekend?
  247. Any Up coming Meetings
  248. Jason, sorry had to post this...
  249. 1990 SC For Sale
  250. New Job!! Finally!! Woohoo!