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  1. Common Abbreviations
  2. What does MN12 refer to?
  3. How many Super Coupes and XR7's were produced?
  4. Are there special models of Thunderbird or Cougar that used the Super Charged 3.8?
  5. What colors were the SC and XR7's offered in?
  6. Can I decode my VIN and door tag sticker?
  7. Are there any notorious problems that I should know about this car?
  8. Can I beat my buddyís Mustang?
  9. What is the difference between speed shifting and power shifting?
  10. At what RPM should I shift my stock SC/XR7 when racing?
  11. How quick is my SC/XR7?
  12. How fast is my SC/XR7?
  13. How much horsepower does my car have?
  14. Why do the 1994 and 1995 Super Coupes have more power?
  15. What type of supercharger do I have?
  16. What is a rev limiter and do I have one?
  17. What is a speed limiter and do I have one?
  18. Why do we have rev limiters and speed limiters?
  19. How do I remove the speed limiter and/or rev limiter?
  20. What kind of gas mileage should I be getting?
  21. How much boost should I be making?
  22. What are overdrive pulleys?
  23. Will overdrive pulleys hurt my engine?
  24. What size fuel injectors do I have?
  25. What size fuel injectors can I use?
  26. How much power can I add to the motor before upgrading injectors?
  27. What size fuel pump do I have?
  28. How much power can I add before upgrading the fuel pump?
  29. What transmission do I have?
  30. What does 4R70W and M5R2 stand for?
  31. How can I improve the shifting of my M5R2 transmission?
  32. What are the part numbers for the upgraded brass blocker rings for the M5R2?
  33. Was there a difference between the M5R2 manual transmission in any years of
  34. What is the difference between the AOD and the 4R70W?
  35. What is my rear end ratio?
  36. What size gears should I upgrade to?
  37. Why can Mustangs with the T5 transmission use higher final drive gear ratios than us?
  38. How much will it cost to upgrade the ring and pinion gears in my rear end?
  39. How can I tell if Iíve blown a head gasket?
  40. How much will a head gasket replacement cost?
  41. What does the EGR valve do?
  42. What year Super Coupes had the EGR valve?
  43. What is the widest tire I can fit on my stock 16 inch rims?
  44. Will Cobra Rís or other Mustang rims fit my car?
  45. I want to run Nitrous Oxide (N2O) in my car. What do I need to know?
  46. What are the torque specifications on the supercharger and associated parts?
  47. Why is my oil filter so hard to remove?
  48. Now that I have headers my 02 sensors wonít reach. How do I fix this?
  49. Why do my headlights flicker?
  50. Why does my heater blow out cool air intermittently?
  51. How do I fix the peeling black tape on my doors?
  52. What are the best spark plugs and wires to use?
  53. How can I prevent wheel hop?
  54. How can I make my car run cooler?
  55. What are the hidden differences between the Ď94/95 SCs vs. the early model cars?
  56. Does my car have an air silencer like the ones on a Mustang?
  57. Does the 35th anniversary SC have a special engine and what makes it collectable?
  58. What chip is recommended for a SC?
  59. I want an extra 25 HP out of my SC, what is the best "bang for the buck?
  60. How is the SC better than the Grand National and vice versa?
  61. My intercooler had oil in it when I took it off recently for cleaning. Is this normal
  62. What throttle body and mass airflow sensor sizes are recommended?
  63. Why does my oil pressure gauge not move?
  64. When is it safe to run a smaller SC pulley?
  65. Sunroof Seal and Installation Information
  66. SC Driveshaft Lengths
  67. 1989, 1990, 1992 Front Brakes and Spindle FAQ
  68. DIS Module Part Numbers
  69. BHJ Dampers - Installation Instructions
  70. Boost leaks, what they do and how to deal with it
  71. AirCon Shorter A/C Condensers
  72. Firm Ride Blinking Light Fix
  73. Learn about EEC-IV and Fuel Injection!
  74. FAQ Part Number for Power Steering Washers
  75. 3.8L Intake Front/Rear Seal
  76. Cam Syncronizer Positioning How-to
  77. Obsolete Ford Parts Locator
  78. IRCM Wiring Diagram
  79. Component Locator
  80. MN12 Speedometer Conversion
  81. SCCoA Site FAQ