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06-08-2008, 03:14 PM

I ended up ordering the pressure switch from Ford $150. and 5 days later, of course they sent the wrong part (go figure). Anyway, my question is: I was told by the person who pulled the switch out for me, that the dealer should replace it because the pressure is too high, and he would not attempt to bleed the brakes under such high pressure. Just wanted some input regarding his assessment. Is this something the dealer should do, if it is, OK but if not, they aren't my first choice. I live in the Santa Cruz area, anybody have any suggestions on someone who could do this? Would appreciate any ideas. Thanks


06-09-2008, 02:50 AM
Hi Dan,

To answer your question as to why I think it's the pressure switch, I included the steps done to come to that conclusion below, from an earlier post. The switch was never taken out because they sent me the wrong one. The car runs great, just won't stop. I now have four dead cars in my driveway, two of which are SC's. I was out of the country for a month and haven't even figured out what's wrong with the other cars because I had my SC and it was running great. Now, I have no transportation at all, can't even run around and get parts. So, I would like to get it fixed asap. My mechanic, the only person who's worked on all my cars for many years retired last year. I'm having a hard time finding anyone who can fix it. I would like to avoid having to bring it over the hill to get it fixed, but looks like I may have to. I will go crazy if I don't get a car soon. Also, do you know where I can get the right part without waiting a week? Thanks for the input, and would sure appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks, Kieron

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Are you sure it's the switch and not the accumulator ball......

It could even be the relay switch.....
How did you trouble shoot the system to figure out its the pressure switch......

We tested it in this order:

o Depressed brake pedal, hard, 20 times.
o Turned IS to RUN.
o ABS pump did not activate.
o With 1 person pressing on brake pedal,
o o Grounded pin 4 of ABS Pump Motor Relay connector
o o Relay energized, and brake pedal dropped a little bit.

So it isn't the relay, doesn't act like it's the accumulator,
and doesn't appear to be the pump (fingers crossed).

Anything else I should try before swapping the pressure switch? (and relay)


06-09-2008, 08:21 AM
It could be the pressure switch, but I think it is the pump motor....

Sometimes, the pump shaft seal will leak brake fluid into the pump motor and cause it to bog down or lock up.....

Applying a 12 V source directly to the pump motor will tell you if the motor is alright, or on its way out....

If the pump motor is bad, a good alternator / starter business should be able to re-build it for a reasonable price.....