View Full Version : just wondering about the board we're on...

09-11-2002, 09:11 PM
when you come to the website and try to check the message board, does it say "yeah the boards too busy, go away and try some other time" (not in those exact words) about 70% of the time?

Or is it just me that the board appears to hate? Never had any probs on the ezboard.....dunno who we're with now....but yeah.....

Back n black bird
09-11-2002, 09:15 PM
Its just you, its open most of the day for me, other then night times.

09-11-2002, 09:18 PM
i have been having some problems in the day time for sure, and at night as well.

09-11-2002, 09:23 PM
It always has pms when I am around

09-12-2002, 01:24 PM
is usually between 1-5 am bc time

cuz no one is on

the server can't handle it...

webmaster of WC
09-12-2002, 02:26 PM
Super Coupe Club of America > About This Site

sccoa.com sits on a Sun Cobalt RaQ3 server, running a 300MHz AMD K6 Processor, with 64MB memory and 6GB drive.


sccoa.com is connected via 350MHz Category 5 cable from an Ethernet card (Intel EtherExpress 10/100+ NIC) to a port on a Cisco 6509 Catalyst Switch. From the Cisco 6509 switch data is transported to a Cisco 12012 GSR router. From the gateway router, data is routed to connections to UUNet Technologies, Sprint Communications, Savvis Communications, Frontier GlobalCenter, and a long-haul DS-3 circuit to Ameritech's AADS NAP in Chicago.

Now by looking at this. You will notice that the SCCoA server has less power then most peoples home computers. To put it into perspective, this server will barely run windows XP by itself. If running windows 98 you could probably run word and internet explorer at the same time ok, but anything else will just bog the system down.

Now a message board page is about 2.5MB in size but thankfully most of us have the pictures and stuff in the temp internet files folder in our computer so we do not have to load them everytime.
Now our chapter alone has about 20 freqent members to veiw this page at any givin time. Which means about 50MB of data travel for just us few alone at any given time of the day (if they all use the board at the same time). Well the network adapter hooking us up can only produce a max output of 100MB/s which really is lower because it is based on the speed of the hard drive really, and with a server that old its max output would be 66MB/s.

Now if you take all of the chapters and the visitors at any given part of the day you will have a steady 50 people and up. then you hit the peak periods that are from 6am- 8 am (before work) 12pm (lunch) and 4-5pm (get home) and then from 8-11 (prime time) where you can get thousands of people pounding on this little server.

Now if you were to pick an optimal server for the SCCoA it would look something like this:

Dual 800Mhz P3
1.5GB PC133 RAM
2- 10GB ATA133 7200RPM RAID - 0
1000Base-T network adapter

This would be able to handle all of the traffic that hits the board and the SCCoA site itself. Now the SCCOA is going to install, Pentium III, 700mhz, 512 RAM, which can handle the traffic but will may not handle future growth.

Now you can see why the board is the way it is. Now many people blame me when the message board is down and I always tell you guys i have nothing to do with it, i only take care of Our site loacated at:

SCCoWC (http://www.sccowc.com)

The server our site is on is cotrolled by Dan and i have only known it to go down once since i have been working on the webpages. Now if you are thinking hey maybe we should host a message board on the sccowc server, think again, because Dan's server cannot handle a message board even if there were no traffic to it. (I tried)

Anyways I hope that is enough info for you.