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07-10-2008, 06:59 PM
K I am a Newbie so please be patient.. I have a 1993 T-Bird SC RED, black leather interior and all the top end accessories available at the time...I am the original owner.. The car has NO RUST and interior is Like new.. Well perhaps there is rust on the bottom, it hurts my back to look under there..Most cars that old have rust on the bottom..BUT the inside of the doors, trunk and engine compartment and the outside, have NO rust..Paint is Good, looks like new except the clear coat has clouded on the roof...Recently the car started sounding like a diesel. SO I stopped driving it..A man came to my door and asked if I would sell the car to him. He offered me 2K. Problem: I do not like him..And my car is like my baby..Don't just want to sell it to anyone..(is that silly?) When I bought the car the DEALER told me that the car was a "Top Dealer Special" Only 1200 that color with those accessories made that year...BUT, I cannot seem to find any information to confirm this...

I should also add that I think the sound means a rocker arm/rod is loose...(not good) And, yes I did look up the blue book.

SOOO my Q is what is the car worth?? Does anybody know anything about "Top Dealer Cars"???

Truly I do not think I would sell the car to this man for any amount..

Thanks for any input
God Bless