View Full Version : solid aluminum/poly urethane motor mounts

08-07-2008, 02:12 PM
These were a prototype made by MN12Tech that never came in to production, but they worked VERY well for my car. The solid aluminum makes them solid enough that the engine doesn't hardly move at all, but the polyurethane cushion softened the chassis vibration enough to be barable for my street car. They sit at factory height but some of the poly, or aluminum could be shaved down to your preference. There was still about 1/2" between oil pan and k-member, and that could safely be lowered to around 1/4-3/16" since these mounts are so solid there would be no chance of the engine torque causing the oil pan to hit the k-member.

Used for one summer season, about 3k miles.

$160 plus shipping