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08-27-2008, 09:05 PM
Hey guys...

I've come to an impass.

I have to move my bird in one direction or another. With either a head gasket gone or heads altogether it's painful... not to mention the folks that own my home may be losing it... so right now I have a chance to purchase my first home... so up she goes for sale vs. out I go looking for a new home.

So we have up for sale -- my beloved 1990 SC Auto.

If you want parts here are all the really good items:

Charcoal grey black fabric seats - mint condition all electric and working
Front and rear hoods - great condition no dents
Underhood engine cover - with the embossed T-bird - PERFECT
Front and rear air dams - great condition no cracks or splits
All seats perfect - no tears, smell good all original matching
stearing wheel - mint
floor mats- mint - black
interior carpet and trunk carpet - mint ( blank and dark grey )
Center console - good to very good
window motors, door locks, seatbelt drives - mint
I have the Alpine CDE9843 and the 1100 watt amp, with 2-10" wolfers if you want

Tires, are stock and new on rear -- maybe 300 miles on them before the gasket went out on me.

And the best part !!!!
Newly rebuilt and guranteed AOD transmission ( I have the paperwork)
and the stock rear end of the car...
Buy the whole car and I'll make a deal on the other parts with you.

All together I need to get at least $2,500 -- and I take credit cards too... no joke I really do...

Let me know what you think... either way I have to find some down payment money fast to get into this house.

Jim Demmitt Jr
09-03-2008, 08:30 PM

You still have the car up for sale? Can you e-mail me pictures and list to j.demmitt@att.net

Thank You

09-05-2008, 08:09 PM
I have mixed emotions right now...
This really hurts man... I love this car.

I can make the house thing out okay for now but I still need to make a choice ...

A) Try a professional gasket product... www.rxauto.com

and if that does not work ( I believe it will)

B) Tear down the car and hopfully put it back together again...

Call me ... check your PM

Jim Demmitt Jr
09-05-2008, 11:33 PM

As soo as want to sell it let me know I have a lady friend in Modesto that in interested in buying it. I know once its gone you will have days where you say to yourself why did I sell it. Its like me and the "Silver Bullet" we are like one its a part of me give it time think it over real good