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09-04-2008, 10:31 AM
So after replacing my power antenna (5 minute job) I decided to get rid of an aftermarket alarm that was not working in the Bird. Well the previous owner did a home job so I spent some time fixing his wiring mistakes, one of which was where he wired into the headlights off the switch. He cut them, not just splicing almost near the connector so I had to add some length. Well after I got it all back together the headlights did not work and the only way they would stay on was when I pulled and held the brights on. After further investigation I noticed corroded metal, more like powder, under the switch and got the switch to work after some cleaning. Well of course that did not hold so I needed to buy a new one.

I called the dealer and there was only one dealer in mid-Ohio that had any and they refused to cut a deal to get them off of their hands (they wanted $70/each). Advance Auto wanted $50 for the motorcraft version. The local pick and pull had them but were $10 plus the admission. I found them at Rock Auto for $18 plus shipping!!!!! So if anyone needs them get them from Rock Auto! No to mention they shipped it out the same day and will be here Friday! The only bad part is I have to drive the wifes CR-V since I go to work at 0430! LOL!!!!

Sorry about the long post, it was more of a rant since I can not stand it when someone does not know what they are doing, then goes and creates more work for someone else. Bottom line........Let the pro's handle the alarm installs! I also noticed a burn on the plastic of the switch! This butthead could have burned the car to the ground!