View Full Version : Reverse glo-gauges help

09-15-2002, 12:05 PM
I just bought new reverse glo gauges that look really nice! If anyone wants anything that lights up a bright blue or green at night and has a nice white appearence during the day get these gauges! you can find them at procarparts.com! ONly problem is installation! I have no idea how to install them, they came with directions but i dont have the tools nor the knowledge to do them myself, anyone have any tips to help me out? or know where on long island i could go to get them installed?

09-15-2002, 03:07 PM
Okay tools required: Fork (I'll explain), long philips screwdriver, short phillips screwdriver, and torx bits (sorry don't remember the size. Just start takin apart the dash, 2 screws above the gauge area, and 4 under the steering colum. once you have that all apart pull out the gauge pod (4 gold screws) there are 2 connectors on the rear squeze the sides, and one vacume hose just pull. Then there are some black screws around the clear plastic shield remove all of these (by this point I would say go inside and use kitchen table with good lighting). then the gauges them selves just pull out, use the fork to slide under the needles and using even presure pull up...it takes alot. then just peel off the old faces and put on the new ones and push the needles back on just remember what they should read. You have to find holes in the back to pass the wires. And also remove the lamps or else u get bright amber glow around ur blue or green indeglo...not cool, I'm thinkin about replacin with blue bulbs. As for the wiring u need a meter to find the wire that turns the bulbs on and splce into that and I extended the ground and added a fork style connector and just fastened it down with one of those gold screws. and I ziptied the transformer to one of the harnesses and ran the controls out by the steering wheel and mounted right there next to it on the right hand side. then just reasemble and enjoy. If you need more just email me toddbert2000@hotmail.com sorry for makin it such a long post.

-Todd P.