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09-28-2008, 02:20 AM
I clicked the link today and noticed we no longer have a site...i was wonderin if anybody is tryin to do somethin about that?...cuz i just had surgery so im gonna be out of work for a while and would love to try to get the sccofl a website up and runnin...i definitely need somethin to do to keep me from goin insane with boredom...lol...i was thinkin maybe a myspace type account where we can post pics of the cars,owners,meets,etc... i don't know how many of you have myspace accounts but i'm pretty sure you don't need an account to view the page if it is made public...also we could use photobucket as a place to upload pics regarding the club to use on our different websites including the clubs website....just an idea i'm throwin out there...i'm thinkin it would be pretty cool...we could post bullentins or blogs about upcoming meets and stuff...i mean myspace is free and the layouts are easy to work with....like i said just an idea..maybe i can get some other opinions on this...

Brad Klein
09-28-2008, 11:09 AM
its still there but all it is, is a front page and the front pic no longer works right now. I own the sccof.com domain and have it docked at my companies website but Im not a big web guy I know the basics and thats about it. If you want to play around with it thats fine I would like to keep the front image (but have it working I will try and look at it today) most links will be sent here for events and such but a list with members names and a pic of their car would be cool. If you build it and send it to me I can upload it to the site we had a web guy but he sold his car many years ago.