View Full Version : Engine gave up..

09-29-2008, 07:28 AM
I have been waiting that day... engine was eating litlle bit oil since I got it and was putting out little grey/black smoke during acceleration. (about 190000miles on that engine) I know this was risky to do this kind of feat, but still I did it, partisipated to so called "1 mile top speed run" (1700metres) Oh well, 3rd gear went ok but with 4th rpm's rised little bit slower and engine feeled bit choked (not much, just a feeling..). I managed to get 221km/h (137miles/hour,.. quite typical for 300hp engine power.. ) and after few seconds of deacceleration loud "puff" sound comes from enginebay... and oil smoke comes under hood.. and engine dies..

When inspecting the engine there was PCV hose blown off from driver side valvecover (hose goes to intake tube, just between maf & tb). I plugged it on and managed to get engine started, it ran with 5 cylinders and after couple of seconds popped off same hose and oil level stick..

Oil looked fine and there were no coolant in it..

I assume one piston or rings are failed as crankcase seems to pressurise..

Oh well..