View Full Version : m90 on 5.0

10-27-2008, 10:12 PM
i know this is a dump question but does anybody know how use an m90 on a 5.0??
because iv got 3 blowers sitting around and id really like to use one for my car
and the only real roots type for the 5L is kenne bell but im lacking the $2200.
is there anybody that makes something to use one??

10-27-2008, 10:22 PM
i don't think so, and i doubt it would even be worth the hassle...so many people are upgrading their m90's due to lack of power or in a few others' and my case going turbo.

10-27-2008, 11:14 PM
bbk had a kit that did just that. It was a nice upgrade and gave a decent bost in power,,But far from a race setup

It was called the instacharger

10-28-2008, 12:08 AM
i have seen one with it mounted on a bracket where the AC compressor was. m90, 30#injectors, and a tune. it put down 350 to the wheels

10-28-2008, 12:54 AM
There are others, but I can not find them as of now.


10-28-2008, 02:05 AM
thanks for the help guys i found some pix of that, pretty cool but where would you put the waste gate. wouldnt it just keep making boost

10-28-2008, 09:12 AM
no wastegate, boost is regulated by the pulley, the piece on the back of the sc in the t-birds its a pressure relief valve...sort of like a blow off valve