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10-31-2008, 07:44 AM
A few days ago, around the time weather got a bit cooler, my SC (90 / Auto) started having problems when I would first take it out. For the first few miles the car would run like a bumper car at the fair - like the power was either on or off, no in between. As soon as I would let up on the gas, the car would lose power (but not die) and feel as if I were hitting the brake. Pressing the gas again causes a lurch when the power is re applied.

Over the last two days things have gotte a bit worse. Within the first mile or so, the SC has started to die at stops. When I stop, the car seems to idle OK, but when I start to take off, the car has little power and dies.

To restart the car, I have to floor the gas and once it starts, I have to keep giving it more gas than normal. I have been dropping into neutral so that I can rev the engine a bit before trying to take off again.

Based on what I read in the forums, I'll check for vacum leaks with carb cleaner and check for the upshift light.

Any other ideas?


David Neibert
10-31-2008, 07:57 AM
My car was doing the same stuff when the DIS module went bad.


Jeff Bratton
10-31-2008, 09:37 AM
Hey Terry,

Try what Dave has mentioned first ... then if that doen't cure your problem try replacing your Coil pack, had a similar problem and changed out my coil pack and car started running right.

Still leaving over across the river off of 10th street in Clarksville? Give me a call today, 502.594.7313. Im off work today and a have a couple of coil packs and several DIS modules you can try to see if one or the other works for you. It may also be the crank sensor as well too.

Terry , you can take the DIS module over to the Autozone there on 10th st. next to the auto action and they will test it for free.

Give a a shoot.

Jeff B.