View Full Version : Test Drove 89 XR7 SC Need Opinions

09-16-2002, 10:02 PM
I test drove a 1989 XR7 SC, thinking of buying it, the guy has it advertised for 3500 told me he would take 3200, might flash 3000 in his face. is this too much?..

It has 555000 miles on it.. seems to run well.. has the 5 spd, he put a new clutch, shifts quite nice.. accept for the slight grind into 1st from down shift. (but goes into 1 with ease at stand still)

It's the first time I drove a SC, car has no modifications.. seems to have quite the rumble from the engine, almost a bit of a vibration.. is this rumble normal.. I was only able to take it up to about 80 rides smooth.. brakes great...

Said he put new Valve gaskets in it... it is obvious the rough usage of tools on the intercooler tubes... mainly the large nut at the top of the SC, you can see the wrong tool was used... I am not too concerned about that .. as I have intentions of mod'ing the hellout of this thing.. (Over time that is :) )

One thing I did notice was with hard acceleration.. I noticed a light on the dash that refered to the firm suspention.. then When I was braking to stop at a sign.. I felt the front of the car bounce up and down a bit.. almost as though the front shocks were going or gone... is this a normal feeling.. when the car comes off the firm ride.. to the softer ride.... (PS.. I am not sure of terminology of this system) Can this system be set for firm all the time.. as aposed to an auto setting?.. if so where is the button or switch to change this?

Nuf for now...

Thanks in advance for your input..


09-16-2002, 10:09 PM
shocks are probably gone, about 400-500 bucks for stock replacements not including the install fees. The firm ride light is normal for 90% or more throttle i beleve and hard braking.

09-16-2002, 10:55 PM
the firm ride light is normal but i think the car is a little expensive i got my 1990 SC 5 speed mint leather interior 110000 2 small dings in the paint cd player new clutch too and 5 spoke 16" wheels aftermarket JVC cd-player and new mufflers for 2400

09-17-2002, 01:26 AM
price sounds about right if you can get it for three(not to bad anyway) taking into consideration you dont see alot of the xr7s(little more rare than tbird sc).
oh yeah the switch for the auto ride is in the center console.
and as far as the rumble from the motor sounds about right they tend to do that well if you meant while accelerating any way mines pretty smooth at idle a little on the noisey side.

just some things to think about though
1 the sc's are rated to last approx 100000 miles(500-1000 and up) depending on how you go.
2 good brakes likes to warp rotors though.
3 find out if the cam and crank sensors have been replaced seems to be right about the time your car will need them if you buy it( crank sensor has left more than a few of us stranded)
4 mine (90 sc) has 184000 on it still runs good (on second sc )
smokes a little when first starts (white) and a little more at wide open throttle around 4-5 grand (black)on the tach. I still get 25+ on the highway.
5 find out if the head gaskets have been replace (there notorius for this. 1500 dollars + to fix(one way to stay on the safe side here is to open the exhaust asap seems to be the major cause.

good luck!