View Full Version : Rerun: Still 4-sale: 1995 SC and lots of parts

01-28-2009, 02:56 PM
It's time to "renew" my add in the effort to send my 1995 SC to a new home. I am surprised that a half dozen or so guys haven't jumped all over this. It is a GOOD deal. Here's what I have:

My 1995 Thunderbird SC Car & Parts Liquidation List:

1995 Thunderbird SC automatic, 200k well-maintained miles.

Good: recently (< 12k) freshened KVR brakes, rotors turned lightly, new KVR pads, near new Michelin Hydroedge (stock size, < 12k) tires, Kooks coated headers, SCP exhaust (aged, but all in good shape), BBK 76mm TB, C&L 75mm MAF w/SCP air intake system, new Livewires, new Gatorback belts, 32k SC w/5% pulley, off my other super low mileage car (sold), restored A/C, stock in-dash CD player works fine, all accessories work good. Cool platinum window tint and clear corners and new clear headlamp assemblies really make the metallic blue look good. Needs paint, but no body work, rust-free. Gray interior has no rips, fade, dash cracks or excessive wear, looks good inside. I had the driversí seat reupholstered and the support material replaced a while back, no wear evident.  Also, had the transmission overhauled by the best shop in the area, including Art Carr rebuild parts and hardened input shaft, at 114k. Brand new correct Motorcraft battery. SCP solid motor and transmission cross member mounts and differential bushings. Addco 1 1/8 rear anti-sway bar. New puller fan motor. Brake system recently flushed and new fluid installed. Near new steel idler pulleys. New Ford remanufactured starter, 12k ago. No leaks. I am probably forgetting something. The car does not have a moon roof. I sent the instrument cluster to a company in Virginia and had the odometer restored awhile back, so it works great. Also, the driversí side door hinges have been restored.

Bad: both windows need the repair kits (available from SCP) so they go up/down properly, roof/deck lid paint faded (sides look fine), but no rust at all, could use front end rebuild, but parts are included with the car, see below (drives fine, though), trim around the windshields showing wear, but parts are included, see below.

Overall: Very dependable car, I would love to restore this car, but other priorities have taken over (home repairs). I keep the oil changed, and keep it maintained. All maintenance records included. Bottom line, a chip/tune, a paint job, and for peace of mind, a BHJ balancer (included-see below), and this car is good to go for another 100k. I would not be afraid to drive this car anywhere.


1. Complete new Moog front-end rebuild stuff (tie-rod ends, upper/lower control arms, etc)
2. A/C condenser-new in box
3. 3.73 posi-traction Cobra chunk for an SC-new
4. MN-12 rear differential stabilizer/girdle-new
5. Complete SCP exhaust system for stock manifolds 1995-new in box
6. Stock height SC springs-new in box
7. Bushings for every nook and crannie underneath-new, suspension are MN-12, other pieces are from Ford (IRS base bushings/K member, etc)
8. Complete under-hood engine wire harness for 1995 auto-new in box
9. Complete fuel injection wire harness-new in box
10. Set of Konis-new in box
11. Windshield and rear glass trim pieces-new in box
12. BHJ balancer, original style-new in box
13. Stainless steel brake lines from that guy Thomas, 2 sets-new in box
14. ABS sensors, 2 each-new in box
15. Bose extended lead O2s, new
16. Ignition switch w/keys-new in box
17. Like new EGR tube (obsolete from Ford)
18. Miscellaneous odds and ends (e.g., set of stock exhaust manifolds)
19. Stock TB, MAF and air intake system with under 30k.
20. Stock SC inlet plenum and top.
21. Factory shop manuals
22. Assorted tools, e.g., SC wrench, OBD II scanner/code reader w/book
23. Custom car cover in like new condition.

I am selling all of this stuff to a single SC buff, in order to avoid the hassle of individual sales and shipments. I am out of pocket a lot. I would take $4000 for all of this stuff. I recommend an SC buff to buy this as a package deal, keep certain parts to install on the car, and then sell what you donít need. My email address: dklitzke@att.net. Email me and I will provide you my cell number.