View Full Version : Boost, what a feeling

09-18-2002, 11:47 PM
Hi guys, just took my 22RE powered sandrail to the dunes that I mounted the M90 charger on. I have it overdriven 1.22 and ws able to get 130kPa, or about 4psi, so I am going to a smaller charger pulley to get a bit more boost. This is my first exp with a boosted engine and absolutley love the blower whine under WOT conditions. I no longer lose RPM when climbing the big sand dunes, I actually gain speed. I now have enuf tourque that I need to upgrade the clutch to the next stiffer pressure plate, and the front end stays very lite over all the whoops. Not enuf to pull wheelies, but its very lite and predictable.

I want to thank all you guys who helped me out to get this thing running, I only wich I did it sooner!!!