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Ira R.
03-15-2009, 08:49 AM
Found this on a local Mustang site. This guy is supposed to be pretty good so if you really have a need and no other options you may be interested in this.


2009 Dyno Tuning Weekend - Jerry Returns
That's right - I am arranging for Jerry to travel to the Northeast again. He never makes it out this way except for these events and he is arguably the best tuner in the country.

Now for the info :

When : May 1-2, 2009
Where : EFILogics.Com, 8 Sympaug Park Road, Bethel, CT 06801
Cost : Cash/Check :$450, $425 for LMMC-CT '09 Club Members; $50 for each additional tune on a device, PayPal Users please add 3% to cover transaction fees.

What is included :

Jerry has the ability to flash all types of vehicles - not just Fords! Chevy's, Diesels and Chryslers can now be tuned as well. Additionally if you already have a tuning device, Jerry can tune that as well - no matter the manufacturer!! (Please contact me before registering so we can be prepared for your vehicle) Ford EEC-V, Chevrolet and Chrysler vehicles will all be flashed. EEC-IV vehicles will still require a chip.

Your cost will include all tuning and dyno time.

PLEASE NOTE : The above flashes your ECU for '96-newer Fords - if you want the ability to revert back to your stock tune for <insert reason here> or if you require a chip, you need to purchase or own a tuning device.

We will be having sale pricing on the following :


There will be a maximum of ten vehicles allocated for each day. These spots *ALWAYS* go fast and we have sold out the last THREE times Jerry has come to the area so get your spot now!

How to register :

I will be working on a registration form which will be attached to this thread however in the meantime if you would like to reserve a spot please send the following information in an email to pete@snkypete.com :

Name :
Email :
Car Year/Make/Model :
*ALL* Modifications :
Fuel System Information :
If you own a tuning device already, make/model :

A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot for the event. You may sell your spot if you can no longer make it. Payment IN FULL will be required by April 1, 2009.

Payments should be sent via PayPal to pete@snkypete.com

This is a rare opportunity to be tuned by the best - reserve your spot today!

4:00 Brian @ Vintage
5:00 Marc Cranick


8:00 Robert Tworkowski
9:00 Jim Cusano

03-15-2009, 09:56 PM
pretty expensive considering you still have to purchase the hardware....

07-19-2009, 07:55 AM
Is there anyone else in NE that does tunes and knows what there doing? I found DEZRACING in seekonk but seems to be impossible to get in. His web site just went down too. Hope still in buisness. Anyways as soon as I mention my car is a 95 supercoupe people get scared or scare me HAHA(when it comes to tunning) I did get my car run at New england Techs DYNO. ran ok but needs to be tuned 14.1 airfuel at wide open 15tlbs boost. not good
Ok iam droning on hope to here from some one, Iam in wareham ma

07-19-2009, 09:29 AM
what are you running for hardware/software? Tuning options are very affordable these days that I would always recommend doing it yourself. I'm in the NE area and I'm very familiar with the EEC-IV system and have tuned a number of mustangs and my SC for years. I'd be happy to help if you decide to get your own chip/quarterhorse/software.

07-23-2009, 09:37 PM
I'm ready to start tuning mine. I have a moates burn1 but wish I waited for the quaterhorse. My Motor is almost out of my car to be refreshed valve job, rings and bearings. Then going for a quaterhorse for tuning.I've been reading about tuning for a couple of years and have been a auto tech for eight yrs. I just want to make it as efficient as possible.

07-24-2009, 06:56 AM
Now there is a good Idea, IF you could help me tune it that would be a great help. My problem is I dont have any tuning software, I bought my three position switch from supercoupe performance about 4 years ago(says they wont reburn the old ones any more) For the cosst of a few hours on the Dyno I could probably buy the tuners, I hear alot about the new quarter horse but I have NO idea how to use any of it. I have not done any performance tuning with electronics
If you want to help Ill take you up on that. I know this SC has alot more potential than its showing. ILL look at the post to try to figure out what needs to be baught but ,......maybe Ill just ask, yes that would be smarter I think

Hope I here back