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03-24-2009, 12:02 AM
I ordered some zoopseal and put it on, on some advice from you guys. Seems like its gonna work out well.

Their customer service is horrible though, I had questions about it prior to and since I bought it. Emails are no response, phone calls I only got one through and it rang for at least 10 minutes, I had the patience because I was doing something else while waiting. And don't bother leaving a voicemail, you won't get a reply. The directions are written in a way that they are blatantly clarifying for an idiot and you get the feeling they are doing it that way on purpose. Returns are 15% restock fee for ANY reason even if defective. And you better use that $100 kit soon because it expires after only one year. I for one don't plan on sealing 37 square feet like they say it's capable of. So I use some now and next season polish a few more parts.....its no good.

It's pretty hard to rub me the wrong way. But the fashion the directions were written, to make me feel like I'm stupid, were just too much ontop of the below par customer service. They need to make a smaller kit!

03-24-2009, 11:50 AM
Experience + Results = Perceived Quality. So far they failed on one of the two things they need. Make sure they know it. I'd call their number and ask for the Sales Manager, or VP in charge of sales. Let him/her know what you thought of your experience with the product so far.

Then let us know how they stack up on the second item after your parts live a little longer.

03-24-2009, 02:20 PM
I would try that but I don't think it will get me anything of worth. Besides, why would I want to help them when they can't even help me? :)

03-25-2009, 05:26 AM
what was the questions you had for ZOOP??

Ive used it with brilliant results.


Duffy Floyd
03-25-2009, 05:32 AM
I believe the shelf-life you stated only applies once it is "mixed" not from the time you got the kit.

03-25-2009, 12:25 PM
I wanted to highlight the magum powers logo with a sharpie marker on my plenum. Gives it an anodized look. I didnt want it bleeding off when I applied the zoopseal.

Duffy I had a question referring to that after I bought it. Directions say just apply the zoopseal, no mixing. I called them to make sure because there is a bottle here that says zoopseal twice. And another word on the bottom that has marker blocking its view. There is a 2nd bottle that says final seal. It smells like wax. And I'm sure it is. Just to give the zoopseal another barrier of protection. Again. I cant confirm this because I cant get through to anyone. And its been 3 days since I left them my message about that.

I have a picture of what I paid $100 for.

1. metal polish: Don't need it. I bought the zoopseal to seal the existing polish job.

2. Tire shine: I have a $4 bottle of it already

3. Final seal: My 3M wax works fine.

4. Zoops cleaner concentrate: Smells just like the orange peel cleaner I used on it already.

5. Zoopseal XXXXX: I paid $100 for this 8 oz. bottle

On the box it says expiration date 3-24-2010

03-25-2009, 12:34 PM
More pictures. Middle 2 are progress pictures during sanding. And the tubes are for the mag powers FMIC. Not getting sealed becuase they are chromed.

03-25-2009, 12:40 PM
Last picture of the last 2 parts of the season.

Duffy Floyd
03-25-2009, 01:31 PM
I looked at the ZoopSeal page and see that their new "improved" product comes "premixed". When I bought it it was not premixed. I also see that there is now a shelf-life as you noted since it is pre-mixed.

Have you read the instructions? My kit came with a video too that showed the process.

Duffy Floyd
03-25-2009, 01:51 PM
ZoopSeal Instruction Sheet
Customer Assistance: call (951) 845-8993

How ZoopSeal Works: ZoopSeal is a hybrid silicone/ceramic sealer. NOT a polish, cleaner, or a wax. ZoopSeal offers protection against OXIDATION by impregnating into the pores of your products. ZoopSeal becomes one with the metal and seals off the breathing process, thus stopping the OXIDATION of metal process.

Step 1. Be sure to have the parts/ products you want to be ZoopSealed re-polished IF they contain any scratches or nicks and you want a show quality shine as the end result.

Step 2. Cleaning the parts/ products with Zoops Concentrate Cleaner. THIS APPLIES TO OLD OR NEW PARTS.

Use a pale filled with 15- ounces of water and 1- ounce of Zoops Concentrate cleaner. Clean the parts/ products as you normally would. This procedure is essential, you need to clean the entire product in order to remove the excess polishing chemicals and contaminates that are present. Rinse the cleaner off with water so it doesn’t dry on the surface. When done rinsing, wipe dry with a lent free towel making sure no water is on left on the part.

Step 3. Shake the bottle labeled ZOOPSEAL well.

Step 4. Apply ZoopSeal.

Using the lint free cloths we provide, apply a small amount of ZoopSeal onto the cloth, and wipe on the ZoopSeal LIGHTLY in one direction until the entire surface is covered with ZoopSeal. If you see a noticeable thick layer, you have applied too much ZoopSeal onto the surface. Simply take a dry portion of the application towel and in one direction lightly swipe the towel over the surface to soak up any excess amount.

Allow ZoopSeal to dry completely to the touch. The dry time will vary depending upon temperature and humidity. Continue to Step 5 if you have a highly shined product.

Step 5. Using Final Seal. This last step is used on aluminum, stainless steel or brass when the surface needs to reflect a high quality, shiney look. The purpose of this step is to remove the transparent film left on top of the parts surface. Basically, all the impurities that were inside the pores have been pushed out from ZoopSeal.

Use a soft polishing cloth to apply Final Seal onto the part.
While the Final Seal is still wet, continue to rub in a circular motion (we suggest you apply this in small section. DO NOT ALLOW FINAL SEAL TO DRY ON TOP OF ZOOPSEAL). Be careful not to rub hard, as that method could result with a scratched surface. Continue applying the Final Seal as many times as you need to, in order to remove the impurities left on the surface. Remember, all you are doing is “waxing” away the impurities, so your cloth will have some residue on it. This step is not removing the ZoopSeal. ZoopSeal has impregnated itself into the pores and the only way to remove ZoopSeal would be to use an aggressive polish, such as Zoopshine, or, a lacquer thinner. Once this step is completed, allow Zoopseal to cure for 24 hours before using any cleaner or liquid, other than plain water, to clean your products. After 24 hours, any PH neutral cleaner may be used. We suggest plain water or a mild car washing liquid such as Zoopseals’ Sheer Brilliance car wash.
Revised: 6/24/07

Ine of the things they stressed in the video I had was to use Distilled water during the cleaning process and gloves to ensure no contaiminants where left on the surface of polished part. Also as I remember it you could use any polish you wanted to do that part.

03-25-2009, 02:05 PM
My directions are a higher revision. July 2008. Seems they changed a significant portion of it. Mine didn't come with the video either.