View Full Version : transmisson / exaust / gears?

09-21-2002, 12:22 AM
hi i just got my sc 1 week ago and love it. ya'll have already helped me through the service engine light issue (cam sensor)
my latest concerns are as follows: hooked up with a ricer x on the
freeway and promptly put him way back in the mirror. slowed down so i could beat him again and the second time i hit it downshifted turned on the light and whistle, upshifted then repeated the process. well this concerned me so i got out of it and felt my face get hot as he went by. car has 135 k miles and
i don't know if the trans has been done. questions are what are the cons of putting a kit in a high mile unit and is the tv cable i have read about an inside joke or is this something i need to address. or should i just start saving for a new one? second i went to a couple exaust shops and found one willing to do true dual all the way to the back all 2 inch pipe with turbo mufflers for
$250 is this big enough to handle some blower upgrades without
having to crindge every time i see some head gaskets and does the price sound right? and i have heard much about going to the 373's, how much do these cost where can i get em and can a regular guy with a toolbox and jackstands do this in the driveway?

09-21-2002, 03:12 AM
The fact that you're asking about a guy with some tools & some jackstands tells me that NO, you shouldn't even attempt to change gears. Have your gears done by a competent professional shop. There are special tools used to set up ring/pinion gears. Doesn't sound like you have'em.

You can buy new 8.8" 3.73 gears every week on E-bay for $140 (Buy-It-Now). They are normally $200-ish. Just search E-bay Motors for: "3.73"