View Full Version : Cold Start rough idle

04-08-2009, 08:36 PM
When I turn My car on When its Cold. It will have a rough idle and want to die. Then my engine light will come on and when i start driving the car it will buck and if i try to give it more gas it just bogs and it sounds like the superchargers movin. I can hear it making boost but it wont go anywhere until i let off the gas and it will be fine then another 5-10 seconds it will buck again and i'll let off. This will usually keep repeating until i get the car warm or i turn it on and off about 3-4 times. Then my engine light will go away my car will run fine. Until the car sits for a night it will happen again and it just seems like it's getting worse. One other thing my car makes like a huffing type of noise when i turn the car off. If anyone can help me or just give me some ideas on what i should look for. ohh and its a 90 auto full exhaust stock headers, cold air filter, spinningwheels overdrive pulley, other than that pretty much stock.