View Full Version : 2009 Spring Club Clash my results

05-05-2009, 09:36 PM
My summary

I drove my 90 SC down to the event and knocked off the best time of the day on the first run with a 14.663@91.62mph. It was my best 60' of the day at 2.075 on street tires, and my only red light of the day. My 1/8th mile of that run was 9.373 @ 74.65

My best reaction time of the day was .136, with 4 runs under .200 and 3 runs over .300 (ugg), two of which were over .400 in the last two rounds I participated of eliminations. Not good.

With 4 rounds of eliminations, I made it to the 3rd round, loosing to Ken with a terrible personal performance to pull in 3rd place. I dialed a 14.70 for all rounds of eliminations. In the first two rounds I ran a 14.767, and 14.746, but my reaction time was dropping. In the round against Ken my reaction time was .493, Ken's was .154 (ouch). I had significant wheel spin putting my 60' at 2.339, second worst of the day leading to a 15.051 ET at 93.13mph. Ken crossed the line in 13.387 @ 94.93 on his dial of 12.96.

As you can see, I left the door open for Ken, giving him a margin of victory of .263 seconds. I had him beat in the e.t. with his adjusted et based on his waiting 1.74 seconds for our dials putting him at a 15.127 ET. But my reaction time gave him .339 seconds, resulting in him having .263 seconds on me at the finish line.

It was fun time. Thanks to the Super Coupe Club of Iowa for putting on another fun day of racing.