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05-11-2009, 08:35 PM
I just got a 93 sc but it has some issue's.

1 it does not have a starter so my brother grabbed one from pullapart for me
I go to put it on and see right away some thing is not right. their are 2 wires
going to the starter which tells me i had the wrong starter because the starter I have only has a place to park 1 wire. So I go to Napa and look at what they have sure enough the starter has a solenoid on it.

Heres the kicker I have a starter solenoid on the firewall. so at this point I'm like ~~~

only thing i can think of is the original starter solenoid went bad and some body just mounted another on the firewall. What do you guys think.
edit - does the starter energize the fuel pump when you start the car for 2 seconds and then switch over the the pump relay's?

2 the other problem is the fuel safty switch keeps tripping.
would their be a problem just unwiring it and just tieing the 2 wires back together? I'm not going to be driving it for A while so i wont be worried about having a wreck. I just want to get it running and take care of any other issues untill i get a replacement

This car is the same car i posted in the for sale section last month,
I kept seeing the car sitting in the same spot and stopped back buy
and talked to the guy. apparently he took some one to take a test
drive and it shut off and wouldnt start back up, then some one stole the starter off it while it was sitting in the guys yard so. He origanaly wanted
like $2,300 but I bought it for $400. I was planning on useing it as a donor
car for my 1948 Ford f1 pickup "ratrod" but I think I will be restoring this one

Thanks for any help guys!

05-11-2009, 09:45 PM
Stock starter selenoid on '93 is on the LH engine bay wall. Two wires run to the starter. One is a ground and should clip to a tab on the starter housing and another is the positive and runs to a stud mounted on the starter.

05-11-2009, 10:14 PM
the starter relay is on the drivers fender, the starter solenoid on the actual starter.